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Beloved Epcot characters to be removed this weekend

Princess Aurora moving in Magic Kingdom

Edit:  Chip n Dale will also be removed.  I’ve just posted an update concerning these changes.

Update to Epcot character removals Ezra and Sabine and Inside Out

Rumors have abounded recently as to what characters would be leaving Epcot and when they would be removed.  Here’s the latest information I’ve been provided:

Saturday, February 13, 2016 is said to be the final day to meet Princess Aurora in Epcot’s France Pavillion.  She will continue to meet in the Magic Kingdom and Princess meals.  In addition to seeing Aurora leave, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger will also be leaving Epcot at the end of their meet on Saturday.  Pooh characters can still be met in the Magic Kingdom and at Crystal Palace.   If you’re unsure of their schedules, you can always check Character Locator.  Some sources rumored these characters and others leaving on Sunday, but my sources are saying Saturday is the final day for them.

I expect that these character cuts will pave the way for Inside Out characters to begin appearing soon and Anna and Elsa will move to Epcot, supposedly in early May.  I’ll keep you updated as I hear anything more about these upcoming meets.


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  1. Omg thats terrible to take characters out i think Disney should continuously add characters it should not be so hard to get a picture with a character in the park when you think of Disney the first thing that comes to mind is Mickey and the characters they are what made disney possible the parks should be floating with characters

  2. I looked on twitter it said only Aurora, Winnie & Tigger, and Chip & Dale are leaving. I would advise all of you guys watching this blog to go to the crystal palace and meet the 4 pooh characters before they leave forever it is happening to so many disney characters such as the beloved White Rabbit, now he is rare to the tea cups. The pooh characters all ready left Animal Kingdom, Hollywood studios and now Epcot. Now they are only at Magic Kingdom (with the exception of Epcot training). I am not mad about chip and dale.

  3. The really stupid thing is that these are the ONLY characters who can even be considered as belonging in Epcot – i.e. characters whose stories originate from the cultures of the pavilions that they inhabit.

    Frozen does not meet that criteria incidentally, “Anna” and “Elsa” were never characters in Norwegian folklore to the best of my knowledge of European history and literature.

      • Really? I could have sworn he was Danish (from Denmark – which is at least Scandanavian, but not Norwegian).

      • Hans Christian Andersen is from Denmark. Also, many Norwegians find the stereotypes in frozen offensive. Last year when they began construction to convert the Norway pavilion to the frozen pavilion (let’s not split hairs on the name, we all know it’s true) I spoke with cast members and they felt it was wrong to try to use frozen to represent Norway when they are very different.

  4. Really stinks about Pooh and Tigger. Aurora I can live with, but to be honest, for a movie like Inside Out… I just don’t get it. Probably my LEAST enjoyed Disney/Pixar movie ever… top 3 for sure. Just an overall depressing and awful movie. I may be in the minority, but that’s the way I see it

  5. I think the Pooh & Tigger M&G’s was one of the better ones on property. It was great before they built Christopher Robin’s room because no one knew about it. And after, it had more of a line but the location was great. I’m sad it will be leaving. (Aurora, I can deal with.)

  6. Son of a ….. I planed a trip around meeting prince Phillip and Aurora on valentines day at Epcot. We have been trying to meet prince Phillip for a year now. They keep canceling him on us, even MVMCP we missed him. They pulled him part of the night for rain then stopped early at 11pm. Any suggestions on what we can do, my daughter really wants to meet the princes.

    • I’m not guaranteeing you he won’t be there, just like I didn’t promise you he would be there. Go and see. Just passing along information I was given. If not there, try Magic Kingdom too in case he shows there. Finding characters isn’t always easy. We hoped to meet Figment years ago and they pulled him the day before we arrive. No blogs back then to notify us either. Have fun either way.

      • Of course. I’m not mad at you, Kenny, you’re the best. I’m just disappointed with the situation :). We got to meet Max this year and that’s who my daughter always wanted to meet. It was an awesome experience. The princes, Pinocchio and Gepetto are her targets now. If Phillip was to show at MK would it likely be by the train station where aurora usually is?

      • Pinocchio and Gepetto are likely at Character Palooza. Gepetto appears frequently at Epcot training. Yes, if Phillip were to appear in MK, he would be with Aurora

  7. I find some of their character changes odd as they are moving them out of the world show case area when Joy & Sadness along with Baymax are currently in Futureworld along with Mickey & Pals.I guess I can see it since Anna & Elsa, Baymax as well as Joy & Sadness are all part of the PIXAR focus that they seem to be giving EPCOT.

    • Baymax isn’t Pixar.. I just heard there were a lot of guests who wanted him back. And since that area of Innoventions isn’t in use and goes with the future theme it made sense.
      Neither are the Frozen characters.

  8. WTF Disney?! Joy, Sadness, Anna and Elsa will be in entirely different locations. And don’t even give me your BS payroll excuses!!!!

  9. It,s been Hard on Pooh and co, first CampMickey Minnie bone which had a good pooh meeting spot, now they leave Epcot, Disney should let them stay, or better still give Avatar, to Universal and rebuild camp MickeyMinnie.

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