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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Take a Look at the New shopDisney 2021 Monthly Collection

Today, fans got a first look at the new 2021 monthly collection from shopDisney! Read on for details.

2021’s New Monthly Series is…

2020's shopDisney monthly merchandise series has come to a (somewhat bitter) end. Check out the theme of the monthly series for 2021!

We Now have a MerchPass Date for November Minnie Mouse Main...

Next month's collection will be offered via the Merchpass. The Merchpass sign up will launch on shopDisney on November 17 at 7am Pacific.

Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Backordered Item Now Available

We have all enjoyed joining Minnie Mouse as she has visited some of our favorite attractions this year. Many items from...

First Look at November Minnie Mouse Main Attraction

Fans of the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction series this year are in for a treat next month! The Jungle Cruise collection is totally adorable!