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Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Backordered Item Now Available

Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Backordered Item Now Available

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We have all enjoyed joining Minnie Mouse as she has visited some of our favorite attractions this year. Many items from this collection have sold out very quickly. Unfortunately, one item from the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collection was delayed in production and was not available during the Merch Pass selection. Find out what item is now available and how you may purchase it.

Merch Pass System

I think most Disney fans can agree that shopDisney is a bit frustrating. Guests quickly became frustrated when trying to purchase items from the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection earlier this year.

In preparation for May the 4th, shopDisney introduced the concept of the virtual waiting room. This proved frustrating for many trying to purchase these limited edition items.

In July, the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction had us flying “Off to Neverland” with the Peter Pan Collection. This was the first time that Guests wishing to purchase this collection were invited to use the new “Merch Pass” lottery system.

Guests could select the items that they would like to purchase. On the designated date, those Guests who were chosen for selected products would receive an email. Guests could then follow the enclosed link and purchase the selected items.

Haunted Mansion

haunted mansion minnie main attraction

The Merch Pass system has evolved a bit from the original introduction. Last week, Disney fans made Merch Pass selections for the Haunted Mansion Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collection.

Those that had been selected for individual items were notified. These individuals had a period of time to purchase these items. In the past, additional items from collections would appear on shopDisney without notification.

For the Haunted Mansion collection, ALL Guests who had entered the Merch Pass were notified when these items would be made available on the shopDisney website. Earlier this morning, many Disney fans were excited to add many of these great items to their collection.

Dumbo Collection

Minnie Mouse Main Attraction

Back in August, I had been selected to purchase the Minnie Mouse plush from the Dumbo collection. Unfortunately, this item was not available in time for the Merch Pass selection. I received a free shipping code, and a promise that I would be notified when this item was available.

The Minnie Mouse Plush from the Dumbo Collection was delayed in production. Today, those selected for this item through merch pass are now able to purchase it.

Today Christmas came a bit earlier than expected. I received an email that the the Minnie Mouse plush for the Dumbo attraction was now available. If you were selected for this item during the Merch Pass selection, be sure to check your email to be able to purchase this adorable Minnie Mouse.

There is also a second piece of GREAT news. This could also mean that this Minnie Mouse plush will also be available on shopDisney as early as November.

The minnie mouse Dumbo plush may be available on the shopdisney website in november.

Have you collected any of the items from the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction collection? Were you selected for the Minnie Mouse Dumbo plush? Will you be adding this to your collection? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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Melanie Rose

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

This is cute but I really wanted some things in the Tiki Room and Peter Pan collections but I wasn't picked to purchase anything. Do we know when the next castle pin is coming out? The Mulan pin came out on September 4th but haven't heard anything about the next one yet. (I think it's Jasmine?)

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