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How to find Pluto in Hollywood Studios

How to find Pluto in Hollywood Studios

Pluto recently moved from the Great Movie Ride area, where the other classic characters are found to another area in the park.  Here’s the details:

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Characters on the move

Several characters are changing locations effective today.  I thought I might outline the changes for you.   I’ll update my MAPS soon, as well. Continue reading Characters on the move

Limited Time Magic: Dog Days of Summer at the Magic Kingdom. Photos and Video

Dog Days of Summer 2013

On Thursday, August 29th I met up with my buddy Josh and we hung out at the Magic Kingdom, had a bite to eat at Cosmic Rays (The half chicken meal was good and I only subjected Twitter followers to the photo of the food), did a few attractions and I wanted to stop in to see the Dog Days of Summer Dance Party.  First I noticed Stitch as Lilo’s dog with his new accouterments.

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EPCOT Male Character Plan

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Updated 10/3/2013

The purpose of this plan is to meet every MALE character available in Epcot.

Click on a character’s name to see character photo, map, interaction tips and trivia.

EPCOT Male Character Plan 

  • Arrive at the entrance to Epcot by 8:15am and look for a turnstile with little or no line. The park advertises that it opens at 9:00 am, but it actually opens at 8:45 am. Make your way at opening to meet Pluto. There will be NO LINE. He will be located on the far right in a alcove before you turn the corner to Spaceship Earth.
Pluto    Entrance (right side)
  • Next we head straight for Mickey & Goofy. “But don’t we need Soarin’ Fastpasses?” you ask. Well, trust me, they won’t be gone by the time you wait 3 minutes to see Mickey and Goofy. Minnie is in the room too, but your little pirate can skip her if he desires! Mickey and Goofy are located in the Character Spot. It is just past the Ice Cream shop on the right. Exact directions are located here.
Mickey, Goofy Character Spot
  • Very few people know when and where Chip and Dale meet. As you pass through the Innoventions breezeway on the right hand side, headed toward Soarin’, you’ll find a little curved out area on your LEFT. Chip n Dale are usually prompt to arrive about 9:30am. I usually just drop into the area about 9:25 to be first in line, otherwise the line is typically about 15-20 minutes.
Chip n Dale Outside Innoventions West
  • Duffy rarely has a long line, except during the busiest times at Epcot. To avoid any line at all, just show up at his location at 11:25am. To find his location head down the middle path from the Epcot Fountain toward World Showcase. When you reach the end of the path, turn left and Duffy’s gazebo is clearly identified on the left. He’s a hugger by the way!
Duffy World Showcase Plaza
  • Next we continue along the same direction toward the Mexico Pavilion, which is the first one to which you’ll arrive. Go just past the pavilion and you’ll see Mexican Donald on the LEFT. He rarely has a very long line, but by arriving early you’ll avoid any wait.
Donald Mexico
  • Enjoy some time in Epcot! Tour the World Showcase, play the Agent P game, ride a few rides. We’ll wait until the late afternoon to meet Aladdin. The 4:35 meet would be perfect because you can follow it up with Tigger and Winnie the Pooh shortly after. Arrive about 4:20-4:25. Aladdin meets across from the Morocco pavilion next to the water. If your young pirate doesn’t wish to meet Jasmine, just inform the Cast Member.
Aladdin & Jasmine Morrocco
  • Tigger and Pooh are located INSIDE the Toy Shoppe in the United Kingdom pavilion. Enter the streets of the UK and make your way toward the back. The Toy Shoppe is located on the RIGHT before you get to the back. Be sure to bounce with Tigger, he loves that.
Tigger & Winnie the Pooh UK inside Toy Shoppe

Animal Kingdom characters set to appear in Halloween Costumes

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Pluto and Goofy have traditionally dressed in special costumes in Camp Minnie Mickey to celebrate Halloween in the Animal Kingdom theme park.  Mickey has dressed as the scarecrow you see above (photo taken at recent Happy Haunted 5K run), Minnie has dressed as a cowgirl, Goofy as a cowboy, Pluto wears a special pumpkin collar and Donald dons his coonskin cap that he used to wear at the Magic Kingdom.

The tradition of dressing for Halloween will continue this year in Camp Minnie Mickey.  The characters will wear these special costumes from October 28-November 3.  This mini-celebration will displace Baloo and King Louie, who will return to Stanley Falls in Africa for this week only.

Winnie the Pooh has traditionally appeared in his Super Slueth costume, Eeyore as a mummy and Tigger dresses for the occasion as well at Discovery Landing.  If you’re in Animal Kingdom next week, be sure to stop by and see these characters in their special costumes.