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How to find Pluto in Hollywood Studios

How to find Pluto in Hollywood Studios

Characters on the move

Several characters are changing locations effective today. I thought I might outline the changes for you. I'll update my MAPS soon, as well.

Limited Time Magic: Dog Days of Summer at the Magic...

On Thursday, August 29th I met up with my buddy Josh and we hung out at the Magic Kingdom, had a bite to eat...

EPCOT Male Character Plan

Animal Kingdom Plans Epcot Plans Hollywood Studios Plans Magic Kingdom Plans Epcot Character Touring Plans Princess Plan Female Characters Male Characters "Furs" Plan Extreme Plan       Updated 10/3/2013 The purpose of this plan...

Animal Kingdom characters set to appear in Halloween Costumes

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Pluto and Goofy have traditionally dressed in special costumes in Camp Minnie Mickey to celebrate Halloween in the Animal Kingdom theme park.  Mickey...