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The PeopleMover refurbishment has now been extended…once again.

Will PeopleMover ever reopen? After many extensions, we now have a brand new reopening date for this classic ride. Get the full...

Magic Kingdom’s PeopleMover Attraction Refurbishment Extended…Again

This beloved Magic Kingdom attraction is currently undergoing refurbishment, and unfortunately, it has been extended again. Find out the new reopening date...

Refurbishment extended AGAIN for a popular Walt Disney World attraction

Some Walt Disney World attractions are so beloved, a trip to the "most magical place on Earth" just doesn't feel right without...

Magic Kingdom Attraction Refurbishment Extended

One of Magic Kingdom's most nostalgic and popular attractions will be closed longer than we anticipated. New details below.

New: PeopleMover Refurbishment Further Extended

The PeopleMover in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom has been undergoing a lengthy refurbishment. That refurbishment has been extended. Read on for details.