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Comparing old Disney World attractions and their replacements (volume 3)

We’re headed to EPCOT’s World Showcase for this edition's comparisons! Disney World is in a never-ending state of improvement of its...

The Three Caballeros are back at Disney World!

The Three Caballeros are back! Check out the latest update regarding our favorite feathered friends.

How long will the animatronics be missing from Gran Fiesta Tour?

When will see the audio-animatronic Donald, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles on the Gran Fiesta Tour again? They infamously went missing recently,...

New Addition to a Disney World Attraction Leaves Guests Dissatisfied

We have seen quite a few rides and attractions experiencing technical difficulties lately. One fan-favorite operated even though an important part...

Strange New Replacement for a Broken Animatronic at Disney World

A strange new replacement has taken over a broken animatronic at Disney World. See the hilarious photo below.