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How long will the animatronics be missing from Gran Fiesta Tour?

How long will the animatronics be missing from Gran Fiesta Tour?
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When will see the audio-animatronic Donald, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles on the Gran Fiesta Tour again? They infamously went missing recently, and now we have an idea of how long they will be gone.

Gran Fiesta Tour

This ride is housed in the large pyramid and offers a relaxing boat ride similar to “it’s a small world.” As Guests sail along, they see that Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles are trying to locate Donald Duck. At the end of the ride, the 3 Caballeros are reunited.

The real joy of this ride is in seeing the 3 Caballeros together again. Here is a ride video from KennythePirate’s YouTube channel:

Gran Fiesta Tour in Epcot

Ride Issues

This past summer, Guests were surprised to find at the end of the ride that only 2 Caballeros were reunited. Jose Carioca was nowhere to be found, but a plant was seen in his place. See the video of this missing Caballero HERE.

Jose Carioca was later repaired and rejoined his amigos. Fans were overjoyed, but this was short-lived. Earlier last month, we shared that now Donald was missing from the end of this ride and replaced with a…cactus. At least they left his sombrero on?

The ride was then “repaired.” Now all 3 Caballeros have been reunited, but in a rather lackluster manner. Now they are just large cardboard cut-outs instead of the fun audio-animatronic figures we love.

How long will the cut-outs remain?

Credit: mainstreetespanol

Is this a temporary fix? Or, will this be permanent? Will we ever see our favorite amigos again, or will we be stuck with the cardboard?

Donald, Jose, and Panchito will be missing for a few months so some serious work can be done on the figures. We hope they are having a great time together during this period.

They should return sometime in the Spring. The ride will still remain open during this time!

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