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Plexiglass is Removed from Various Spots Around Disney World!

Goodbye, plexiglass! Various places around the Walt Disney World Resort no longer have these plastic barriers. Get the full story here.

Now Another Popular Ride Is Now Loading at Full Capacity

We have seen many attractions being loaded at full capacity throughout Walt Disney World. As the parks slowly return to normal, we...

A Magic Kingdom attraction has BOTH plexiglass and physical distancing

Disney is taking a double layer approach to one attraction at Magic Kingdom. See the photos below.

A Disney World ride is testing new plexiglass dividers because of...

As wait times increase, Disney World is meeting those demands while still maintaining health and safety standards. Check out which ride has...

A Walt Disney World Attraction is Now Operating at Full Capacity

One Walt Disney World attraction will be loading Guests at full capacity without the use of plexiglass dividers. Find out which...