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Friday, October 15, 2021
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Blizzard Beach will Close due to Cool Weather

Heads up all you Disney goers: Blizzard Beach will be closed one day this weekend due to the forecasted weather.

Blizzard Beach Continues to Close on Select Dates Due to Cool...

I feel like I write about Blizzard Beach closing as much as I do about Hollywood Studios changing its operating hours! Cooler...

Blizzard Beach Not Open for Guests Due to Cold Weather

Due to the chilly weather the Orlando area is experiencing, Blizzard Beach is not open for guests for a couple of days...

Blizzard Beach Closing for Additional Dates Due to Weather

Blizzard Beach cannot catch a break from the cold. Additional closings are taking place because of cooler weather.

Update: Blizzard Beach Now Closed for Three Days Due to Cool...

Brr! It's too cold even for Blizzard Beach to be open to guests! It's now closed for a third day this week....