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Permit Now Filed for Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Permit Now Filed for Disney’s Carousel of Progress

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Does anyone else get nervous when permits are filed for an older attraction? In particular, an attraction that was near and dear to Walt Disney. Find out what we know so far about this new permit filed for Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

Credit: Monica

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!” This was one of the attractions that first debuted at the New York World Fair back in 1964.

The Carousel has seen some changes and updates over the years, but it is still very reminiscent of Walt Disney’s original plan.

An interesting fact about this attraction, when it first opened at Magic Kingdom in 1975 it featured a new song “The Best Time of Your Life.” In 1994, this attraction received a refurbishment, and “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” finally returned to this classic attraction.

Attraction Malfunctions

Credit: Monica

Over the past year, the Carousel of Progress has kept guests entertained, but not in the way that you may think. The carousel may never stop turning, but at times it is evacuated. Last summer a squirrel stopped the attraction.

Just in time for a Halloween fright, guests witnessed Grandpa in the Christmas scene missing a hand. Most recently, guests were stunned when an entire scene stalled.

Attractions may experience delays and animatronic malfunctions over time. This is why refurbishments and repairs are needed to keep the attraction running smoothly for all guests.

New Permit Filed

Carousel of Progress Permit
Credit: Screenshot

Recently, Disney filed a new permit for the Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom. The improvements cited are “mechanical” in nature. At this time, the Carousel of Progress remains open daily until the beginning of June.

Disney can still close this attraction when work begins, but we hope that this can simply be taken care of after hours.

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Cathy H

Sunday 14th of April 2024

I love the Carousel Of Progress. I always visit when my husband and daughter are riding Space Mountain. I love the updates but feel it could use another scene, if possible.


Sunday 7th of April 2024

I would love to see them update it and add a scene to fill the gap between the 40s and today and for the future. Seems to me that they could easily load and unload in the same theater adding another area.


Sunday 7th of April 2024

Carousel of Progress is a classic. It tells a story and as such, you can see Walt's hands and vision in its creation. It does need maintenance. I hope they fix it thoroughly to preserve it for future generations.

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