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Halloween Fright at the Magic Kingdom

Halloween Fright at the Magic Kingdom

Just in time for Halloween! An animatronic has an eerie malfunction that causes an entire attraction to be evacuated.

Animatronic Malfunctions

Credit: Maggie

It is not completely uncommon for attractions to experience malfunctions, breakdowns, or evacuations at Disney World. Technology is a wonderful thing when it’s working and a giant pain when it’s not.

The Disney Parks utilize cutting-edge technology. At its best, guests are left mesmerized and feel immersed in their favorite stories. At its worst, rides temporarily close, and sometimes guests can see the malfunctions in person.

Credit: Donna

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!” I know you just sang those words in your head. Carousel of Progress is one of my favorite attractions in all of Walt Disney World, purely for the nostalgia factor.

This was one of the attractions that first debuted at the New York World Fair back in 1964. The Carousel has seen some changes and updates over the years, but it is still very reminiscent of Walt Disney’s original plan.

Credit: Donna

The carousel may never stop turning, but at times it is evacuated. Last summer a squirrel stopped the attraction. Yes, you read that correctly – a squirrel.

Now a new video surfaces just in time for Halloween. This video shared on social media shows the final Christmas scene for Carousel of Progress. All is going well until guests notice that Grandpa is missing a hand. Check out the video:


carousel of progress grandpa’s hand fell off whoopsies. we were evacuated because of it. #disneyworld #wdw #distok #disney #waltdosneyworld #carouselofprogress

♬ original sound – ʎɯɐ

If you look closely you can see his hand lying on the ground. According to the caption, guests were evacuated from the attraction because of this. When an evacuation occurs, guests are escorted outside at various locations depending on the scene they are currently in.

Everything is going great until Grandpa loses a hand.

Have you witnessed an animatronic meltdown at the Disney Parks? Share your experience and share this humorous surprise with your Disney pals.

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