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Emergency Crews Rescue Stranded Disney World Guests

Emergency Crews Rescue Stranded Disney World Guests

Multiple fire departments respond to an emergency situation at Disney World that left guests stranded! Take a look at this scary situation and see how the situation was handled.

Disney Evacuations

Credit: Susan

Resorts, restaurants, attractions, and transportation are all subject to guest evacuations when needed. A firetechnical/mechanical malfunction, or even bad guest behavior may all be reasons why guests are forced to leave. Recently, a chemical emergency took place at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

While this is an inconvenience at best, it’s necessary to maintain the safety of guests and Cast Members. Cast Members and local emergency crews are always on standby to take care of whatever may occur.

Evacuations are required at times to maintain safety of Disney World guests and Cast Members.

Guests Stranded

Credit: Susan

Some Disney World evacuations are scarier than others. For instance, when guests have to be removed from higher locations, it can make for an anxious experience. And that’s just what has happened today.

While we love Disney monorails, they can be delayed and even break down at times. The incident took place on Walt Disney World’s yellow monorail when guests became stuck.


Credit: Susan, Guest Relations at EPCOT’s entrance

Both the Reedy Creek Fire Department and the Orange County Fire Department responded to the scene this morning. They had to use elevated moving platforms to rescue stranded travelers.

According to a Disney spokseperson, a flat tire caused the monorail to stop near the EPCOT plaza, leaving the guests stranded. No injuries have been reported because of this breakdown. We appreciate both of these fire departments responding quickly to this situation!

“This morning, the monorail experienced a flat tire near the EPCOT parking lot toll plaza. No guests or cast members have reported injuries, and all passengers were safely evacuated.”


Have you ever been evacuated or stranded while visiting Disney World? If so, tell us what happened in the comments and share this post with a friend.

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