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Epic Fail for the Carousel of Progress

Epic Fail for the Carousel of Progress

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“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”, but guests visiting the Carousel of Progress were not quite prepared for this. Get your laugh in for the day with this unexpected fail during the Carousel of Progress.

Attraction Malfunctions

See the Na'vi River Journey Attraction Malfunction
Credit: KtP

It is not completely uncommon for attractions to experience malfunctions, breakdowns, or evacuations at Disney World. Technology is a wonderful thing when it’s working and a giant pain when it’s not.

The Disney Parks utilize cutting-edge technology. At its best, guests are left mesmerized and feel immersed in their favorite stories.

At its worst, rides temporarily close, and sometimes guests can see the malfunctions in person.

BREAKING: Disney World Will Propose Reopening Plan Tomorrow!

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!” This was one of the attractions that first debuted at the New York World Fair back in 1964.

The Carousel has seen some changes and updates over the years, but it is still very reminiscent of Walt Disney’s original plan.

The carousel may never stop turning, but at times it is evacuated. Last summer a squirrel stopped the attraction. Yes, you read that correctly – a squirrel.

Hilarious Malfunction

Credit: Monica

There are 4 scenes in the Carousel of Progress that correspond to the 4 seasons. As guests rotated to the second scene set in the 1920’s no animatronics appeared to be working.

To add to the confusion, only the audio for John appeared to work. Guests couldn’t help but laugh when John responded “I heard that!”, but no dialogue was spoken.

Although this was an epic fail, the audience seemed to love it with applause at the end of the scene. Check out the full video below posted by @kaylaandmarkallen

@kaylaandmarkalan Well this was a Carousel of Progress ride we’ll never forget! What’s the craziest ride malfunction you’ve seen at Disney? . #Disneyfails #disneyfunny #disneyridefails #carouselofprogress #greatbigbeautifultomorrow ♬ original sound – Kayla & Mark Alan Hemphill

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Monday 11th of March 2024

It malfunctioned when we were there last week. The carousel didn't turn and we saw the 1950's twice!


Friday 8th of March 2024

I just hope they never get rid of this ride.

robbin banegas

Friday 8th of March 2024

love the carousel of progress REAL TRUE DISNEY

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