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Do Not Miss the New Additions to One of Disney World’s Most Beautiful Offerings

Do Not Miss the New Additions to One of Disney World’s Most Beautiful Offerings

People who love Disney are often very much drawn to the Disney difference. There are so many ways that Disney sets itself off from a typical theme park. If you love the components of Disney World that exist beyond the lines and rides, you will LOVE this.

The Disney Difference

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If you have been to Walt Disney World, you have probably noticed that it is not a typical amusement park. While it is true that you will find yourself standing in line for attractions, you will also notice that there are so many other experiences to enjoy. Sometimes even the ride queue itself is a unique experience when you visit a Disney Park.

Disney goes to lengths to enrich Guest experience whether it happens through delicious dining, world-class entertainment, educational fun, or captivating artwork. For example, EPCOT’s new Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana adds a much-needed element of whimsy and play to EPCOT that you can read about right HERE.

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And, now, Disney is adding to one of its unique and ever-evolving experiences. Here is everything you need to know if you want to experience it.

Disney Springs Art Walk

Credit: Disney

Last year, Disney Springs introduced a beautiful new experience. Disney Springs Art Walk: A Canvas of Expression allows Guests to stroll through Town Center at Disney Springs to view vibrant displays from talented artists. It features both local artists and artists from around the globe who create murals bursting with color, emotion, and the spirit of their cultures.

You will find that the exhibit is ever evolving and that new work will replace the old from time to time. So, it is highly likely that you will never experience the exact same exhibit twice unless you are a frequent Disney Springs visitor.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Currently, there are about 15 artists with beautiful murals on display! And, now a gorgeous and touching new mural is ready for you to enjoy!

Do not miss the NEW Mural joining the Disney Springs Art Walk

The New Mural

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

You are just going to love the new addition to the Disney Springs Art Walk. The gorgeous new mural comes to you from Cuban-American artists Katerina Santos and Juan Travieso, known together as TRATOS.

Cast Members and Disney Springs officials agree that the beautiful mural is a fine celebration of Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month. The painting has been described as a “lively, colorful wonderland!”

The piece is called “El Nido,” which means “The Nest,” and it tells a story of parenthood. The inspiration came to them when Disney reached out to discuss the project.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

When Disney asked them “What is Magic to you,” the artists instantly KNEW that they would paint a portrait of their son. In fact, the artists consider this enchanting mural to be a love letter to their young son.

The artists shared that this is their son’s very first portrait, so it is extra meaningful to them. It embodies the joy that the presence of their son has brought into their lives.

And, now they are kindly sharing that artistic love letter with audiences from all over the world. Their goal in creating the piece is to convey life and energy that is palpible for audiences.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Be sure to check it out for yourself the next time you are in Disney Springs along with the other paintings in the current rendition of the Art Walk. It is FREE to enjoy, and since it is in Disney Springs, you won’t even need theme park admission.

Have you been to see the Disney Springs Art Walk yet? What do you think of the new mural? Let us know in the comments. And, feel free to pass this information along so that others can include the Art Walk in their plans if they wish to.

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