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Did you know you can take a Segway tour at Disney World?

Did you know you can take a Segway tour at Disney World?

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Did you know you can take a Segway tour at Disney World? It’s true! This tour provides a unique way to see the beauty of Disney, and you can read my review right here.

Tours at Disney World

Caring for Giants
Credit: Susan

Part of the magic of Disney is getting to do something special. One way many guests can do this is by purchasing tickets to an event or taking a guided tour. Disney is always trying to create new experiences for guests looking to learn more about the parks and Disney World.

Whether you are an animal lover looking to get up close with the Animal Kingdom wildlife, a history buff wanting a glimpse at the utilidoors, or a nature lover dying to explore the horticultural beauty of Disney greenhouses there’s something for everyone at Disney.

However, only one tour uses a Segway to get around! Let’s take a look.

Wilderness Back Trail Adventure

Credit: Monica

The Wilderness Back Trail Adventure tour is the perfect way to see all of what Fort Wilderness has to offer. Fort Wilderness is home to over 750 acres of wildlife, unlimited recreational activities, and this tour! When I began researching “The Fort” for my most recent family vacation, I was so impressed with everything the resort has to offer. After staying there, I am convinced it is THE hidden gem of Disney World.

Part of why I think that is because of the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure tour. Florida has so much natural beauty to discover, and the Segway is the perfect way to see it at Fort Wilderness. You may be asking, “Why a Segway?” A Segway solves multiple “problems” when it comes to a tour at Fort Wilderness.

Credit: Monica

First, Fort Wilderness is massive. As I mentioned, it is over 750 acres. There are almost 800 campsites and almost 400 cabins. In fact, it is so large that a golf cart is practically a necessity when staying there. Everything is so spread out, and walking is impossible. A Segway allows everyone on the tour to get around the resort efficiently and quickly.

Second, the terrain is a bit of an issue. While there are paved roads and plenty of sidewalks, a lot of the beauty that you see at Fort Wilderness is actually off the beaten path. The Segway, with proper training, can handle the terrain for the various parts of the tour. They are quiet (great for nearby campers), and they are just fun to ride!

What you should know before the tour

Credit: Monica

There are some very important things to consider before booking this tour. The first is that the Segway is designed for riders 100-250 lbs. You must between this weight range to participate. All participants of the tour must be at least 16 years old as well. Next, you should be in pretty good health and able to stand for about 2 hours.

You will definitely need some core and leg muscles to be able to keep the Segway steady. My feet were actually a bit sore by the end! Forget the dozens of miles I walked all week; the tour at the very end of my trip is what made my feet hurt!

Credit: Maggie

Another important item to note is you may not wear sandals, flip flops, and rocker/exercise-type shoes for your tour. You should have a good pair of sneakers if you are in the parks anyway, so just plan to wear those. Speaking of which, this tour is all outside. Pay attention to the weather and dress accordingly! If there is inclement weather, only part of the tour will be canceled. The first part is held in a pavilion, rain or shine.

Pricing is $90 per person + tax and there is an Annual Pass discount available. Booking online was very easy, and it is not a tour that will book up quickly. Tours are held Tuesday through Saturday, and the only time slot is 8:30 am. If you are not staying at Fort Wilderness, plan some extra time to get to the resort. Check in is at the Bike Barn which is not at the front of the resort. You will need to take an internal bus to get there.

Check in is 15 minutes before your tour.


Credit: Monica

The first hour of the tour is actually for training. After checking in, your two Cast Member guides will bring inside the Bike Barn and have you sign a waiver. You will then watch a video and the guides will share more about how the Segway works. You also get an ear piece so the guides can talk to you throughout the tour.

Next, you receive your helmet and head outside to practice on the Segway. You will learn the basics like how to get the Segway upright and steady, going faster and braking, and turning. You will get a chance to practice, and the guides are there with you every step of the way. One of the great things about the tour is it is small. I had only 7 other people on the tour with me. This made it easy for the guides to spend one-on-one time with all of us.

Credit: Monica

It sounds a bit intimidating – especially if you have never been on a Segway before – but they are very easy to use. I have never been on one, and I had it mastered by the time we were ready to go on the actual tour.

One other thing I’d like to note is that there are lockers at the Bike Barn you can use to store your belongings, but there is also a small storage pouch on the Segway you can put things in. They do provide a bottle of water during the tour.

What I saw

Credit: Monica

The tour starts right next to the campfire theater. That is where I learned my first fun fact of the tour: it is the only campfire theater built on property! The guides talked about the campfire sing-along with Chip ‘n’ Dale before we headed to our one and only restroom break.

We then headed out to explore the resort – both on paved paths and grassy areas. One of the first stops was the original campsite loop from 1971 – loop 300 by the marina.

Credit: Monica

The guides led us to a really cool photo op in front of Bay Lake. In the distance we could see Contemporary Resort, Bay Lake Tower, and Magic Kingdom. If you look closely in the photo above, you can see Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain! You really would not know about this part of the resort without taking this tour. I am so glad I got to see it.

We saw plenty of wildlife and natural trails as we made our way to the next stop: The Tri-Circle-D Ranch. By this time, it was 10:00 am the stables were just opening up for the morning. The guides offered us about 10-15 minutes to head inside and look around. Here, you can find the horses and ponies that call Disney World home. Baby Pixie, a Sheltand pony, was born the week I visited, and I caught a glimpse of her before she headed to a private area.

She is an all-white pony, meaning when she grows up she will pull Cinderella’s coach!

Credit: Monica

Also, be sure to see another piece of Disney history at the stables: the Dragon Calliope. This horse-drawn musical instrument that Walt Disney purchased for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade at Disneyland Park in the 1950s is on display.

Finally, we made our way back to the Bike Barn. On the way, we were able to see the remains that were once part of the railroad that ran through the resort from 1971 to 1980. This 3.5 mile track used to transport Guests throughout Fort Wilderness and over to Disney’s River Country.

Unfortunately, due to maintenance, safety concerns, and noise, the railroad closed permanently.

Final Thoughts

Credit: Monica

The Wilderness Back Trail Adventure tour was a fantastic way to see the resort. I had a whole wishlist of things I wanted to see while staying at Fort Wilderness, and I was able to check most of them off (plus so much more!) with this two hour tour.

The Cast Members were wonderful as well. They shared some cool facts about the resort and were very personable. Even more importantly, safety was their top priority throughout the entire tour. They were very thorough in the training aspects and made sure we were safe as we crossed roads.

Credit: Monica

There is so much beauty to discover at Fort Wilderness, and this tour was everything I wanted and hoped for. It was reasonably priced, a small time investment (especially since I was already staying at The Fort), and very unique. I am always looking for different things to do at Disney World outside of the parks.

I really enjoyed learning more about this legacy resort!

Have you ever heard of this tour? Would you consider booking it in the future? If you have been on it, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend who may also want to learn about it.

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