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Level up your Disney World snack game: get these great alternatives instead!

Level up your Disney World snack game: get these great alternatives instead!

Take your Disney World snack game to another level. I rounded up some popular treats you can find in the parks and suggest better alternatives!

Mickey Pretzel

Credit: Maggie

Mickey Pretzels are a classic Disney snack. Who can resist these adorably shaped snacks with a cup of cheese sauce? You can find them just about everywhere on Disney World property.

However, I (Monica) think there are better pretzel options. Why? Because the Mickey-shaped ones are usually hard, cold, and stale if you do not get a freshly made one. Not to mention they are quite expensive for what you are getting – right now in the $7 range. Here are a few better options that I encourage you to consider.

Credit: Monica

BaseLine Tap House: These Bavarian pretzels come served with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard. Plus, you can actually sit down and enjoy it because this pretzel is served in a lounge! Priced at $9.50 this is a great value and very tasty. Read more about BaseLine Tap House in this review.

Pongu Pongu: Labeled as a “Na’vi-sized Pretel”, this snack is a better alternative to classic Mickey Pretzels. It is $11.79 and is served with Beer Cheese Sauce. Additionally, this massive snack can be shared among 2-3 people making it a great value.

Credit: Monica

Germany: If you find yourself in the World Showcase craving a warm pretzel, look no further than Germany. This jumbo pretzel at Sommerfest is only $10.79 and pairs perfectly with Warsteiner Dunkel. While there are no sauces that come with the pretzel, there are some mustard packets you can grab. Or, you can head to Trinken Beer Stand and grab one there as well.

Lunching Pad: This pretzel puts a new twist (get it?) on Mickey pretzels. That is because this pretzel is not just any pretzel – it is stuffed with cream cheese! It is warm and gooey, and it are on my list of “must-get” snacks every time I visit Magic Kingdom. What’s even better is it is the same price as a regular pretzel!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Credit: Monica

Yes, the classic ice cream sandwiches are quick and easy and cheap. They will almost always satisfy a crying toddler. However, they are just so basic. And sometimes you need basic. But, there are so many great ice cream options around the parks and resorts.

L’Artisan des Glaces: The ice cream here is home made. HOME. MADE. This artisanal dessert shop in Epcot has so many ice cream and sorbet flavors, plus you can eat them in waffle cones! I love waffle cones. However, the best dessert of all is Croque Glacé which is a scoop of ice cream (with sauce) in a homemade brioche, pressed warm! Don’t ask how that happens other than it’s simply magic. Read more about this Epcot gem in Kate’s post.

Credit: KatieP

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor: Located on Main Street, U.S.A., I can’t think of anything more American than an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. You can find many varieties of sundaes, and the great part is you can choose your ice cream flavor! The possibilities are endless, and you could have a new experience each visit by choosing different combinations.

Beaches and Cream/BoardWalk Ice Cream: If you want the whole kitchen sink, look no further than Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club. It is the most expensive ice cream option you will find on property, but it has literally everything and can feed four people. If you cannot score a reservation here, head across the boardwalk to BoardWalk Ice Cream. You can find the same ice cream options here as well and even some different ones!

Find more alternatives in Kate’s round up of ice cream places.


Credit: Monica

I mean no disrespect to churros, but they are just not good at Disney World. The ones you find at the churro carts are always hard and do not have enough flavor. The specialty ones for holidays and celebrations can be even worse. Disneyland has far superior churros, but since this is not a post about Disneyland churros, what’s a better alternative?

Nomad Lounge: The better alternative is, and always will be, Nomad Lounge. These churros are so light and fluffy inside with a nice crunch on the outside. The vanilla and coffee creme sauces tasted incredible with them. They even have a gluten free option! Nomad Lounge is the only place I will eat churros at from now on. Read more about this hidden gem of a restaurant in this review.


Credit: Monica

Disney popcorn is a vacation staple. Even I cannot resist buying the adorable buckets and filling them up for $2 throughout my trip. It tastes just fine, but if you are getting tired of the same butter popcorn I have a few alternatives.

Confectionery: This is a very unique popcorn experience at Disney World because you make your own concoction! Experience popcorn like never before at the Kernel Kitchen where you can create your own popcorn mix. Select from 4 popcorn flavors, add your favorite flavor chocolate drizzle and 2 or 3 candy mix-ins to complete a truly personal popcorn experience.

Credit: Katie

Karamell-Küche: Karamell-Küche is filled with delicious caramel-themed treats. Disney fans love the freshly made caramel popcorn. At $6.99 and available via mobile order, this option is a no-brainer! The shop also carries pre-packaged popcorn that uses Werther’s Original Signature Caramel and house made chocolates and other assorted candies and sweet treats.

Canada: If caramel popcorn isn’t your thing, maybe maple popcorn is? Maple Popcorn can be found at the little popcorn and beer cart in Canada. It costs $6.50 and is not a very big serving, but it’s unique and tasty and we like it.

Kat Saka’s Kettle: Head over to Galaxy’s Edge for this unique twist on a classic treat. This Instagram-worthy snack consists of colorful “pops” of purple and red and has a wonderful sweet and spicy flavor to it! The purple pieces have a fruity taste to it where as the red holds all the kick. Imagine tasting spicy Fruity Pebbles, and that is what this mix tastes like. If you want the “ultimate Galaxy’s Edge snack experience” grab some popcorn and blue milk! At $6.49, it is a little pricier than standard Disney World popcorn but well worth it.


Credit: Donna

Disney World does not do cupcakes well. Unfortunately, they do so many variations of it for holidays and celebrations that you cannot escape them. They are usually flavorless and expensive. Alas, there are so many better options! Here are a few.

Trolley Car Cafe: Not only will you find Starbucks beverages at Trolley Car Cafe, but they also have a variety of bakery items and hot breakfast sandwiches. The carrot cake cookie is my favorite treat to get from Trolley Car Cafe. It is enormous with two slices of carrot cake filled with a yummy cream cheese frosting. However, it does not really remind me of a cookie but more of a small cake. It can get a little messy, so I recommend grabbing a knife and fork to cut into it. At $4.99 this is a great breakfast item or anytime snack if you love sweets.

Gaston’s Tavern: Hear me out, these aren’t cupcakes. But the cinnamon rolls are sweet, have icing, and are the perfect treat. Priced at $6.79 and massively huge, they should make it pretty far up on your “must-try” list! Pair it with the LeFou’s Brew for a perfectly provincial snack.

Credit: Kate

Sommerfest: Back to Germany we go! Can you tell I love the food here? The pretzel bread pudding is a fantastic alternative to a regular Disney cupcake. This dessert is a great value: $4.79! The pretzel bread comes topped with creamy icing and caramel sauce. This little nugget is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Get it, you won’t regret it! Find out how to make them at home right here.

Are there any snacks you always get when you visit Disney World? Did I miss any good alternatives to these classic snacks? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend looking for some good Disney snacks!

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