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Be Sure to Look out for this Disney Magical Moment

Be Sure to Look out for this Disney Magical Moment

You will not want to miss this magical moment on your next trip to Disney!

Disney Characters

Credit: Disney PhotoPass

Some guests visit Disney Parks for attractions and entertainment. One thing that sets Disney apart from other amusement parks is the ability to meet so many of our favorite characters. Be sure to check out Monica’s tips for meeting characters HERE.

There is nothing quite like meeting your favorite Disney and Pixar characters while at the Disney Parks. Of course, meeting classics such as Mickey and his pals and the princesses is great, but there is something magical about meeting characters away from traditional meet and greet setting.

Magical Moments

Credit: KtP

Character interactions have changed quite a bit throughout the years. These are now more traditional character meet and greets as opposed to the roaming characters that are more common at Disneyland.

However, lately we have been seeing some magical moments happen at Walt Disney World more often. In fact, one of the most magical moments is happening right behind Cinderella Castle. Be sure to read about this one HERE. These are the magical Disney moments that no one can really plan for, but when they happen…it is magic.


Credit: Monica

Stitch is one of those Disney characters that people either really love or hate. This character is full of mischief, but fans of him find him to be cute and adorable. Fans can currently meet experiment 626 at the Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, and at ‘Ohana breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Stitch has recently been seen at the Tomorrowland Stage. He would alternate appearances with Buzz Lightyear throughout the day. Now, there has been a change in the meet for Stitch!

Credit: Screenshot MDE

Stitch can now be seen as a roaming character in Tomorrowland.

He will not stop and sign any autographs, but he will stop and pose for pictures. Next time you are in Tomorrowland, keep an eye out for Stitch!

Stitch is not the only roaming character at the Magic Kingdom. Keep an eye out for Shaker and Wendell over in Frontierland as well.

We are so excited to see more roaming characters at Walt Disney World. Do you like to see characters roam throughout the parks? Are you hoping to see some more characters like this at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below or share this post with a friend!

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