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NEW: Disney cancels a big project

NEW: Disney cancels a big project

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This big project is now canceled.

Canceled Projects

Credit: Disney

Mary Poppins attraction at Epcot. Brightline. Reflections Lakeside Lodge. What do all of these projects have in common?

Disney World canceled them.

Historic park closures, economic hardships, and even political battles can delay or postpone Disney’s biggest plans for its theme parks and resorts. This next canceled project may be the result of Disney and Florida’s year-long battle.

Lake Nona

Credit: Susan

The Walt Disney Company made plans to move several offices and about 2,000 people from California to Florida. Specifically, these moves were to be to Lake Nona and take place in 2022 and 2023. Given the current relationship with Florida, some were upset by this move and wished to stay in California. Some even left the company.

After this big announcement, the Walt Disney Company had a falling out with the state of Florida. Soon after, Disney shared that the move to Lake Nona is delayed until 2026. They previously bought more acreage for this move, and some employees had already sold California homes and begun looking for Florida homes.

When asked about the move, Disney CEO Bob Iger said he wanted to see how this move would affect the company and its employees before committing to it.


Credit: Monica

We are now learning that this Lake Nona move is canceled. The Walt Disney Company will not move the offices currently located in California. Disney is reportedly helping those employees who already moved to Florida get back to California.

In an email to staff, Josh D’Amaro said the company made the decision to not move forward. “This was not an easy decision, but I believe it is the right one.”

“This was not an easy decision, but I believe it is the right one.”

-Josh D’Amaro

Disney’s investment plans?

Credit: KtP

You may be wondering if that means a lot of the investments that Disney has promised in Florida will now be stripped away. After all, this project was expected to cost $1 billion.

In the email, he also shared that they are still planning to invest $17 billion and create 13,000 new jobs over the next ten years and he “hopes we’re able to do so.”

Could Disney be scaling back all these big plans and projects in Florida because of its political battle with the state? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Do you know someone who may want to know about this canceled project? Be sure to pass this post along to them.

“This was not an easy decision, but I believe it is the right one.”

-Josh D’Amaro

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Monday 22nd of May 2023

If anyone thinks DeSantis is at fault for this major complex being cancelled - think again! This was a stupid project to begin with!!! Expensive with no creation of making money. Parks, hotels, restaurants all bring in money. This would have cost Disney money with little or no profit. The only profit possible would be selling the housing they were to build for the employees. Its possible Disney cancelled the project so Florida would not get an increase in tax income.

Michael Vitetta

Sunday 21st of May 2023

Really, just look at the stock price over the last few years, the lay offs, closing of venues, under performing movies, etc. And you think not spending a BILLION on an office complex is DeSantis's fault?


Sunday 21st of May 2023

Their stock have been going down for years. Millions of streaming customers canceling service, movies under performing, thousands laid off. But if you think them not spending 1 BILLION on an office complex is DeSantis's fault then live the lie.

Michael A Marfice

Friday 19th of May 2023

I think DeSantis should be impeached. He had no compassion for individuals or their views on life's itself. Desantis, Why don't you just give everyone guns so they can shoot who they don't care for or dont believe all individuals have a right to live life as they choose.

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