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Breaking News: Disney World Cancels Big Project

Breaking News: Disney World Cancels Big Project
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Will a fan-favorite option return in its place?


Brightline High Speed Rail to begin testing this week
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This new service will give travelers flying into Orlando another option. The service would still require you to travel from Disney Springs to your resort via a Disney bus, boat, personal car service or taxi. Some might enjoy the cost savings, while others would prefer a more direct route to their resort.

Orlando International Airport airport is currently adding another terminal to accommodate the train. Once open, it will serve as the hub for the new Brightline train route running from Miami to Orlando. There are also plans in the works for the expansion of this train service throughout Orlando and to Tampa.

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As of now, Brightline is over 80% finished. So far, the company has rails running north of Miami, Brevard County and to the Orlando International Airport. It is scheduled to open sometime in 2023. One of the trains recently arrived at Orlando International Airport.

However, we have some bad news to share.

Plans canceled

Brightline High Speed Rail to begin testing this week
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Disney has canceled its plans for a Brightline route from the airport to Disney Springs. According to Orlando Business Journal, Disney representatives confirmed this cancelation.

Disney Spokesperson Avery Maehrer shares that a new route configuration is not supportive of a Disney Springs station. The station would have been a great option for those looking to get to and from Disney World.

“As many people who are involved in this project are aware, the new route configuration does not support a Disney Springs station and as a result, we don’t anticipate being part of this project.”

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Sunshine Flyer, MEARS, and rideshare continue to be options. At this time, we are unsure if this means Disney will reintroduce Magical Express. We will continue to keep an eye on that and update if Disney shares any plans.

Are you disappointed in this news? Were you hoping to use Brightline on your next trip? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Disney doesn’t need the Brightline Station, at Disney Springs. There’s no way to get the train in there, anyway. If the Orange County Convention Center wants a Brightline Station, they can have it.
    Short of elevating the track, it would be a hard proposition to get the Brightline tracks across I-4. Most trains can only climb a 2% grade.
    Too steep, and the train won’t work well on the tracks.

  2. Brightline is owned by Richard Branson of the Virgin group of companies. Unaware of any involvement from a Mexican government agency

  3. I’m so done with Di$ney anyway. Been going since it opened. It’s just not the same anymore..Even as a former cast member – WE’VE ALL HAD IT !!!!!!

  4. Crossroads shopping center was demolished to support a new Interchange off Interstate 4 and never had anything to do with the Brightline train station. I believe that a flyover is also planned into Hotel Plaza Boulevard so that traffic on SR 535 will be more streamlined.

  5. Absolutely a dumb idea!! Especially now that Universal is going to overtake Disney in what they can offer! That will probably be my next trip to Orlando anyway.. Disney is getting to charge you for everything now! I’m in a wheelchair and can’t even get up towards the head of the line anymore.. Thanks Disney.. because I’m on dialysis too.. Can’t wait long periods of time….:(

  6. I believe it is a dumb decision to cancel the station at disney springs…it would have been a good option for people going to..from the disney springs area….what will happen to the area along 535, across entry to disney springs that has been demolished….i believed that the area was supposed to support the brightline station…?????

  7. Doesn’t sound like Disney canceled anything. In fact, it sounds like the high speed rail decided to cancel Disney! Keep playing the “woke” card Disney! Before you know it, the only people visiting your parks will be the 2% you’re catering to.

  8. Bring back the Old team to DM E
    Disney magical express was the best guest service they ever had and I miss being a part of that magic!!!!

  9. HOPEFULLY DISNEY WILL START DOING WHAT THEY DID BEST…..A place for families to enjoy not spend their life savings …prices out of control considering place is always full…..they have totally lost sight of what disney is ……one of the best perks was free transport from airport….reason for being on property ……

  10. This wouldn’t have been that convenient. How often would the train depart from MCO, and how would you get your luggage transferred from the train to your hotel. Disney busses are not equipped to handle luggage. It never seemed like an efficient way to get from the airport to your hotel.

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