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All the Quick Service Options Along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios

All the Quick Service Options Along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios

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Are you looking for quick-service dining in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Here is a guide to all of the options you will find along Sunset Boulevard.

Quick Service Dining in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Credit: Disney

Chances are, if you visit Walt Disney World, you will not want to dine at a table service restaurant for every single meal. For one thing, this could be an expensive practice. Moreover, it could become time-consuming to spend so much time in restaurants, particularly if the wait to be seated takes longer than expected.

Fortunately, there are plenty of quick service options in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Better yet, many of them offer mobile ordering, which can be a time saver during your visit to the parks.

Credit: Jamie F

Woody’s Lunchbox is by far one of the most popular quick service offerings in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, depending on your touring plan, you may or may not be in Toy Story Land during meal time, so you may need to look elsewhere in the park for a meal.

Likewise, many Guests find the quick-service options in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to be a fun way to dine and enjoy Star Wars theming. Here again, though, the timing of your journey to Batuu may not coincide with meals either.

Sunset Boulevard

Credit: KtP Blog

If you are looking for something to eat outside of Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge, there is an entire strip of dining options located along Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is the road you must traverse to get to several attractions including Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

You will also find live performances such as Beauty & The Beast Live on Stage along Sunset Boulevard. And, of course, this is also where you enter to get to the amphitheater to watch the one and only Fantasmic!

Credit: Susan

With so many attractions and shows nearby, Sunset Boulevard can be a perfect place to stop for a bite to eat. This is especially true if you do not have a Fantasmic! Dining Package and want to grab a quick dinner on your way to find seating for the show.

There is also a good deal of covered picnic table-style outdoor seating shared among these locations. The temperature is made more comfortable with ceiling fans when it is hot outside and built-in space heaters when it is cold outside.

Credit: Katie

It can be tough to find a table during popular meal times during peak season. However, generally, there is a table or two readily available.

Here is a rundown of all of Sunset Boulevard’s food options. Hopefully, it can help you plan for a quick bite to eat.

Anaheim Produce

Credit: Katie

While it is not a restaurant, Ahaheim Produce is a great place to stop for a snack or a drink. It serves a fast and refreshing assortment of snacks and treats, including fresh fruit and veggies, pickles, Mickey pretzels with cheese sauce, frozen lemonades, margaritas, and more. You can also find prepackaged snacks like chips here.

I have stopped here for snacks with the kids because every now and then, you just need some Cheetoes and a banana. It is a good place to go if you have a picky eater on your hands.

Credit: Katie

I have also stopped here for some drinks to sip while waiting for Fantasmic! The seasonal frozen drinks and margaritas are standard Disney drinks, similar to what you will find at pool bars around the resorts.

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Credit: Katie

Next along the way is Rosie’s All-American Cafe. My kids tell me that Rosie’s has Walt Disney World’s best chicken nuggets. They are the same chicken nuggets you can find all over the park, but for some reason, they think they taste better at Rosie’s.

Rosie’s primarily serves standard theme park foods. In addition to the nuggets, you will find Disney’s typical cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and fries here. You can also order a cup of cheese to dip the fries in, which I highly recommend. It is the best part of a meal here.

Credit: Katie

If you want something a little fresher, you can also order an All-American salad. It is somewhat akin to a taco salad.

Rosie’s currently has one interesting option, the Plant-Based Lobster Roll. The texture is indeed relatively similar to lobster. The “lobster” salad is made from Marinated Hearts of Palm, Celery, Sweet Apples, and Creamy Old Bay Dressing and served with House-made Crispy Potato Chips.

Credit: Disney

I have tried the Plant-based lobster roll. The roll was a little too hard for my liking, but the “Lobster” salad was pretty good. I love Hearts of Palm, Celery, and apples, so it seemed like a logical choice to try it. The old bay seasoning in the dressing is perhaps a touch overpowering. But, overall it isn’t a bad dish if you can get a nice, soft roll.

Credit: Katie

I also got to try the new Fantasmic! Peanut butter Sandwich Cookie, which is a Rosie’s exclusive. You can read a full review of it right here.

Catalina Eddie’s

Credit: Katie

If pizza is what you are craving, head on over to Catalina Eddie’s. Here you can find pepperoni or cheese personal pizzas. You can also order a Caesar salad as a side or by itself.

The pizza here is typical theme park pizza. It is made of small puffy slices, instead of the large flat slices you find at value resort food courts. Is it great? No. Is it pizza? Yes. So, it is a pretty safe bet if nothing else sounds good to you.

Fairfax Fare

Credit: Katie

Just down the way is Fairfax Fare. This eatery is for the more adventurous eater. It currently serves a variety of waffle bowls filled with mashed potatoes and topped with interesting ingredients.

Select among the Barbecued Beef Brisket Bowl, the Buffalo Chicken Bowl, or the Korean Barbecued Pork Belly Bowl. You can also try the Plant-based Soba Noodle Salad Bowl. There is Mac n Cheese available on the kids’ menu.

Credit: Katie

Again, this is the most interesting option along Sunset Boulevard, and it is what you should try if you are uninterested in standard theme park food, but really need to stop for a bite in this part of the park.

My husband recently ordered the Buffalo Chicken Bowl, which is Chicken Breast Nuggets tossed in Buffalo Sauce and topped with Coleslaw served on Mashed Potatoes in a Waffle Bowl. So, of course, I got to try it, too.

Credit: Katie

It is a heavy dish, and I do not recommend consuming it immediately before you take on the thrill rides in Hollywood Studios. In terms of flavor, the coleslaw didn’t necessarily work well with the mashed potatoes. I wish it had a different base like a salad or even tots. However, the chicken itself tasted good.

Even so, it is nice to have something a little different to try. I hope this restaurant’s menu continues to evolve in its own unique way.

Hollywood Scoops

Credit: Disney

Finally, if you head nearly all the way to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, you will find Hollywood Scoops. This is an ice cream shop, and it is the best place for ice cream in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Few people realize that Hollywood Scoops starts each morning as a breakfast spot. The only food item on the menu is the Waffle Platter, which includes Mickey-shaped Waffles served with Fresh Blueberries, Whipped Cream, and Syrup. Honestly, it is a perfect iconic Disney breakfast.

Credit: Katie

However, the afternoon brings the ice cream. You can order single or double scoops of ice cream, brownie sundaes, traditional sundaes, or seasonal milkshakes.

Final Thoughts

Credit: Monica

Overall, the dining options along Sunset Boulevard will do in a pinch. Are they anything you will dream of? Probably not. But, they are conveniently located, and they are easy options, particularly if you have non-adventurous eaters traveling with you.

If you want better, more memorable quick service options, you will want to head to other parts of Hollywood Studios. Better yet, hop on the Skyliner and head to EPCOT. But, when all else fails, Sunset Boulevard’s eateries are there for you.

Do you know someone planning a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios who can use this information? Be sure to share it with them. Do you enjoy any of the quick service options along Sunset Boulevard? Let us know in the comments!

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