Home Disney News Your next Disney vacation could be cheaper thanks to President Biden

Your next Disney vacation could be cheaper thanks to President Biden

Your next Disney vacation could be cheaper thanks to President Biden
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Find out how your next trip to the Disney Parks may be cheaper thanks to these possible government changes.

Expense of a Disney Vacation

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Guests hoping to enjoy a Disney vacation in 2023 have many costs to consider. Disney now has variable pricing for each park that also differs for each date. Find out the cheapest days to visit Walt Disney World in 2023 HERE.

Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes also have variable pricing which can greatly alter your Disney vacation budget. The good news is that some cost relief is in the works for your next Disney vacation.

Recently, parking fees were altered at Walt Disney World Resorts. We also a discount for Star Wars merchandise over at the Disney Parks.

End of Junk Fees

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Last night in the State of the Union Address, President Biden addressed his administration’s progress to eliminate “Junk Fees.” Junk Fees refer to “those hidden or unexpected fees that Americans pay each day that can total hundreds of dollars a month.

The means to this goal is “by reducing these fees and increasing transparency, we can provide relief to consumers and make our economy more competitive.”

Junk Fees refer to “those hidden or unexpected fees that Americans pay each day that can total hundreds of dollars a month.”

Ban Resort Fees

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One of the fees to be addressed is the “Surprise Resort and Destination Fees.” There is nothing quite so frustrating as securing a hotel reservation for a great price, only to later be surprised with expensive resort fees.

At Walt Disney World, there are no resort fees for Walt Disney World Resorts, but some “Good Neighbor Resorts” do charge resort fees. One that comes to mind is the Swan and Dolphin. Guests staying at these hotels receive a mandatory $35-$40 resort fee applied to their bill for every day of their stay and does not include tax.

President Biden encourages Congress to help ban this practice and instead offer a true price of the room without surprise fees.

Airline Travel

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Families that travel by plane understand the frustration of paying an additional fee simply to sit with their children on a flight. The Department of Transportation issued a notice in July 2022 that children under 13 should be given a seat next to an accompanying adult for no extra charge.

Since that time, no real change has been made. Now, President Biden is asking Congress to “fast track the ban on family seating fees so that the DOT can crack down on these practices more quickly through a rulemaking.”

These may be small changes, but in the end can help save the average family some money on their next trip to Walt Disney World.

What do you think of these Junk Fees? How would this affect your next trip to Walt Disney World? Do you think these will go into effect soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


  1. Such a Misleading headline. Common sense tells you that businesses will just raise their “regular” prices to recoup these so called “junk fees”. Biden is not doing anybody any favors.

  2. Agree with Jack. Nothing will change! The price of resort fees will disappear only to be added into the nightly rate. Do you really think any resort, especially Disney, will forfeit any money. It all sounds good. Will never happen.

  3. And most people flying solo are courteous enough to swap seats so kids can sit with a parent or couples can sit together. All you have to do is ask them or ask a cabin attendant. Frankly this second proposal is ALMOST totally unnecessary but it sure sounds good.

  4. Re item 1, there will be no fee reductions, just a billing change to add these fees in as separate items so you can actually see what you’re paying prior to booking. Good idea but it won’t save a penny! Re item 2, Probably not gonna happen. I fly regularly enough on business to have “Elite” status on several airlines. Aircraft are packed full on every flight. Airlines MAY try harder to seat families together but they aren’t going to give away a higher revenue seat to do this just because Biden wants them to. Also, if booking agents need to spend more time juggling seating to accommodate a new “rule” guess what? Ticket prices will go up to offset this. Essentially nothing’s going to change but politically it sounds good.

  5. Yup, agree with you not cheaper. The only way things will be cheaper is to actually lower the prices and eliminate the “add on Fees” at the same time. Very misleading headline. Did they get this from CNN or MSN?

  6. Misleading headline-Nothing will be cheaper. The resorts will just increase their prices. And most airlines airlines already allowed you to make sure that each a parent sat with their kids, although you may have to make arrangements when checking in at airport. I know Spirit did this and they are the airline that everyone complains about…

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