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How to avoid the MOST Expensive Days at Walt Disney World in 2023

How to avoid the MOST Expensive Days at Walt Disney World in 2023

Want to visit Walt Disney World and save some money? We have a full breakdown of the least and most expensive dates for 2023.

Variable Ticket Pricing

Credit: Susan

Beginning December 8, 2022, Disney World implemented park-specific pricing for 1-day 1-park tickets. Prices will vary based on the park and date.

Animal Kingdom prices for 1-day 1-park tickets will range from $109 to $159 (no increase) while the other three parks will see increases. Hollywood Studios’ pricing will be between $124 and $179, EPCOT $114 to $179, and Magic Kingdom from $124 to $189.

For most dates, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the lowest, followed by EPCOT. Then, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is slightly higher. Finally, Magic Kingdom is the most expensive.

Along with park-specific pricing, the price to add park hoppers to your tickets is now more expensive.  They will vary by date now instead of a flat rate.

Other Added Costs

Credit: KtP

The most expensive tickets in 2023 are also closely linked to increasing pricing at Walt Disney World Resorts, Disney Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lanes.

This fall we saw an incredible list of price increases. One of the most unwelcome was Genie+ moving from fixed to variable price each day. Since its launch in 2021, Disney World’s Genie+ cost $15.

However, guests have since seen pricing anywhere from $15-$29 at Disney World simply depending upon the day. If the crowds increase, the need for Disney Genie+ increases, which in turn increases the price of Disney Genie+. The price of Disney Genie+ will rise on higher-priced ticketed dates and lower on lower-priced dates.

Credit: Monica

Along with Disney Genie+ pricing comes the variable pricing of Individual Lightning Lanes. The price of Rise of the Resistance Individual Lightning Lane typically matches the price of Disney Genie+ each day. The snowball effect of higher prices per day also means that guests visiting the parks on these days will very probably pay more for Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes.

Many times, travel plans are based upon school and holiday breaks, but if at all possible these are the dates that you will want to avoid when booking your Walt Disney World trip in 2023.

January and February 2023

Credit: Susan

Many guests love to ring in the New Year at Walt Disney World and the ticket prices reflect this. 2023 starts with high prices for both January 1st and January 2nd. For these dates Animal Kingdom is $159, EPCOT is $174, Hollywood Studios is $179, and Magic Kingdom is at a staggering $184 per day.

Guests enjoying a long weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day will see increased prices for January 16th with tickets starting at $154.

Heading into February we see two weekends with higher pricing. President’s Day brings higher prices starting on Friday, February 17th through Tuesday, February 21st. These dates will bring higher ticket prices starting at $159. Higher 1-day tickets also ride beginning February 25th for Princess Half-Marathon runDisney weekend.

March and April 2023

Credit: Monica

Spring Break seasons are in full bloom in both March and April. Spring Break schedules vary depending upon school districts, but spring is traditionally a very busy time at Walt Disney World. March is a rather expensive month to visit Walt Disney World.

Almost all dates start at $149. The only exceptions are the following dates: March 17-19 and March 28. These dates will have higher prices starting at $154.

If you want to visit during March the cheapest dates will be March 27th, 29th, and 30th.

Credit: Donna

April again sees higher prices as many guests will enjoy Walt Disney World for Spring Break and also the Easter holiday. Of course, high prices will be for Easter starting on April 8th and 9th. Almost all dates start at $154.

The other most expensive dates in April will be on April 1st and April 22nd (Earth Day). The cheapest dates in April will be from April 2nd through April 4th.

May through July

Credit: KtP

May brings lower prices as the Spring Break crowds dissipate. Typical ticket prices during May begin at $139-$144 for 15 dates. We see an increase in pricing around Memorial Day weekend. From May 27 through May 29, tickets start at $154.

There is great news for guests traveling to Walt Disney World in June! This month offers lower ticket prices than the previous months. Eleven dates offer starting prices of $134. The most expensive ticket pricing in June starts at $149 for only 3 dates (June 1st, 2nd, and 30th.)

Great news for guests traveling to Walt Disney World in June, this month offers lower ticket prices than the previous months. Eleven dates offer starting prices at $134.

In July, the first part of the month has higher ticket prices surrounding the July 4th holiday. Starting July 1st through July 9th are the most expensive ticketed dates. The remaining dates in July start at $139-$144.

Cheapest Time to Visit

credit: Disney

This leads us to the cheapest time to visit Walt Disney World. August and September are great months to visit with many dates offering tickets at $109. In September, Saturdays offer the highest ticket prices starting at $144. Between both August and September, there are a total of 20 dates that offer starting prices at $109.

Between both August and September, there are a total of 20 dates that offer starting prices at $109.

These dates include: August 22nd-25th, August 29th-31st, September 5th-7th, September 12th-14th, September 18th-21st, and September 21st through 28th.

Holiday Price Increases

Credit: Maggie

Beginning in October, we see an increase in ticket pricing. Larger crowds will head to Walt Disney World for fall breaks throughout the month. Say goodbye to the $109 low ticket pricing as we head into the latter part of the year. Tickets in October typically start at $144-$149. The highest prices start at $159 on October 7th, 8th, and 9th for Columbus Day weekend.

Prices continue to rise heading into November with the beginning of the month offering tickets starting at $144. The only exception is November 4th and 5th with ticket pricing starting at $154.

Credit: Donna

Heading towards Thanksgiving, ticket pricing increases starting on November 19th through the 26th. Starting ticket prices for these dates are $159.

The lowest starting price for tickets in December is $149 on select dates during the first two full weeks in December. Starting on December 16th through the 31st will be high ticket prices starting at $154-$159.

Lowest Ticket Pricing for 2023

Credit: KtP

This is a lot of information to process as you plan to book your 2023 trip to Walt Disney World. Here is a ranking of the best months to visit Walt Disney World simply based on ticket pricing:

  • September (least expensive)
  • August
  • January
  • February
  • June
  • July

Many times these months may not be best for your family to travel. If you could travel with these dates in mind, you may save yourself some extra money on tickets.

What do you think of this breakdown of ticket pricing? Which is your favorite month to visit Walt Disney World? How does variable pricing affect your travel plans for 2023? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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March and april 2023 spring break


Saturday 31st of December 2022

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Saturday 31st of December 2022

Should not be this difficult to plan and budget for a vacation. Way to totally ruin the fum, Disney. And is Iger actually going to do something to change Disney's self-destructive streak or was he just brought on board so fans disliked Chapek so much and thought maybe things may change with new leadership? Hasn't done anything yet...

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