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Breaking: Park pass changes in place for Disney World

Breaking: Park pass changes in place for Disney World
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Disney has announced park pass changes almost three years of implementing the system. What do you think of this news?

Park passes

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Since the phased reopening of the theme parks, park reservations have been required for all four theme parks. Although Disney makes more park passes available at times, it’s a good idea to secure them as soon as you book your vacation. This is especially important during busier times of the year.

Holidays and school breaks increase the number of guests at Disney Parks. Park reservations fill up quickly for these times. Previously, the Disney Reservation Calendar allowed booking through the end of 2023. This has been extended through January 2024.

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When Disney implemented park passes and park hopping restrictions, the original reasoning was that it would help manage attendance due to the pandemic. Despite Disney removing every other health and safety measure, park passes and hopping restrictions remain.

This led many to believe it was never about the pandemic, but instead controlling attendance and managing Cast Member schedules. Recently we shared park pass changes could be coming in 2023 HERE.


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Disney is now changing the park pass system for the better! This change involves annual passholders and the ability to avoid making a park pass altogether.

At Walt Disney World, Annual Passholders will be able to visit theme parks after 2 p.m. without needing a park reservation. The only exception is Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom.

This will take place in the next few months, with no exact date given. Pass blockout dates will continue to apply. Disney recognizes that Passholders enjoy more spontaneous visits, so hopefully this will give them the chance to do that.

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Passholders will also receive access to Disney PhotoPass lenses and one complimentary Cinderella Castle Mural of Memories experience.

At Walt Disney World, Annual Passholders will be able to visit theme parks after 2 p.m. without needing a park reservation. The only exception is Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom.

What do you think of this change? Do you think it indicates more park pass changes are on the horizon? Let us know in the comments below and share with a fellow Passholder!


  1. Right?! Yes Disney, we hate it!! Especially living in FL, with or without a pass, I can’t just wake up in the morning and say “want to go to MK?”…no I have to research if there are any openings.

  2. I want to add, I’m tired of Disney using the Pandemic as an excuse to control crowds. It’s to put the least amount of CM on as possible to save THEM money. We are friends with a lot of Cast Members. We live in FL. My husband and I have COVID at the moment but our kids tested negative. I called their schools today asking what the protocol is. Their school said “if they test negative, they can come back today”. What about the incubation period? And they also said they don’t have to wear a mask. We were smart and kept them home to make sure because it sounds irresponsible. That being said, living in FL and there is no longer any protocols, Disney shouldn’t either. It’s an excuse to make more money with their raised prices.

  3. As an out-of-towner, these changes are obviously useless. So far, Disney’s efforts to fix its downhill decline seems like a lot of fluff, with NO real changes. Come on Bob Iger, be bold and make needed sweeping changes and pledges to resolve issues like overflowing trash, dirty parks and disrepair of attractions.

    If they didn’t depend so much on the parks bailing out the poorly executed streaming channels, the recent second rate animation films and the over priced acquisition purchases, then they would be able to reinvest park revenue back into the parks themselves. Just saying.

  4. I have been a pass holder for 40 years, I got Universal passes last year (you don’t need reservations there)and while the gesture is nice it still will not sway me to come back. Disney was always my happy place, a place where I could escape from life’s challenges and for that day have no worries. I could imagine, dream, laugh, have fun, be amazed!!! Unfortunately Disney no longer does that for me. Reservations, no spontaneity, long lines, over packed parks, over priced, poor quality meals, demand pricing tickets, paid fast passes,(which used to be free and before that no fast passes needed we just wait In reasonable lines) and no perks take away that magic Disney once had. There are no off seasons anymore… On the off seasons when I was a kid you could walk on most rides or only wait 20min or under, even on weekends… those days are long gone! Now Disney packs the parks year round with drinking festivals like the food and wine, and the Garden festival that bring in drunk, rowdy fans that subject our children to inappropriate behavior. They bring in marathon runners on the off season which increases park attendance to levels during peak season. They do Mickey’s not so scary Halloween which runs for two months during what used to be off season and charge an arm and leg for 5 hrs for minimal candy, a packed park and a special parade. And then they do this again with Christmas. Unfortunately Disney is no longer my cup of tea. It went from dreams, fun, relaxation, amazing family memories to a total nightmare!

  5. They don’t want to. The point is you live in another state. You don’t need an annual pass. That’s what they are trying to tell you. They want you to buy tickets or ticket packages.

  6. Ugh, so I guess this means the 2pm park hopping rule is staying in place? Sucks for the out of state passholders who pay a small fortune (gladly, I might add). I guess I don’t see the benefit, at least as an out of state passholder…

  7. Doesn’t help AP who live here and only get 5 days of reservations so when family comes at Christmas or another very busy time of year, we must purchase tickets for 3 extra days for 2 of us so additional $ 800 on top of our top tier AP. There’s no guarantee I’ll get a reservation days the week of a busy holiday. Can’t take the chance of not being in a park with grandkids. Bought large home here so no resorts needed. Eat all meals in parks. 60 days to make meal reservations is a nightmare so depend heavilyon other sites for help which disney is trying to put a stop to. Going to park at 2pm when family is visiting is not an option because Parks close early at that time of year so it IS to control crowd numbers.
    Disney tries to make it sound like they are giving us something but they are NOT.

  8. It doesn’t help out of state passholders that much..a little bit..but not that much. I wish they would do something for out of state passholders that are spending a ton of money staying at their resorts and eating and drinking all of their food at disney. We don’t get down there for all the perks like 30% discount or preview rides or all the magnets lol. Just maybe throw us a bone sometimes.

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