Home Disney News BIG CHANGES reportedly coming for Disney park passes and hopping in 2023

BIG CHANGES reportedly coming for Disney park passes and hopping in 2023

BIG CHANGES reportedly coming for Disney park passes and hopping in 2023
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Who is ready to do away with park passes and hopping restrictions? Here are the big changes reportedly coming next year at Disney.

Opposition from Disney Guests

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When Disney implemented park passes and park hopping restrictions, the original reasoning was that it would help manage attendance due to the pandemic. Despite Disney removing every other health and safety measure, park passes and hopping restrictions remain.

This led many to believe it was never about the pandemic, but instead controlling attendance and managing Cast Member schedules. Especially for passholders who used to have complete freedom in the theme parks, these two things have been the biggest grievance for many Disney fans.

To kick off 2023 with a fresh start, we may be seeing several major changes in the coming months.

What’s to come

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The unpopular park pass system is rumored to to undergo a major overhaul at the start of the new year. While it may not completely go away, it is expected to be simplified with some aspects completely removed.

For starters, date-based tickets will no longer require a park pass. This means if you buy a ticket, you are guaranteed entry. However, annual passholders will still need a reservation for the time being.

So, how will Disney control attendance? Apparently they will do so by limiting the number of tickets sold for any given day instead of limiting park passes. Honestly, it should have been done this way from the very start.

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As far as park hopping, the 2:00 pm rule is set to be completely removed for date-based tickets. This is important to note because, according to the rumors, annual passholders will still be restricted. However, it is expected that those Guests will be able to park hop earlier than the current 2:00 pm.

It’s also worth noting these changes have reportedly been in the works for a few months now, but the system will not be ready to go for a few more months. As far as park hopping…well that doesn’t take much (if any) system re-working…

Of course, we will keep you updated when/if any of these rumors come to fruition.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. The reservation system is so unfair! Things were fine for all these years but because you used stupid fake covid sas an excuse to make your changes. Things are back to normal EXCEPT the AP reservation system. We re new year after year and we always went to a different park at any given time and note: We eat at our favorite restaurant at each park paying a hefty price for a meal then buying souvenirs shirts jackets and so on. Going to the parks on any given night for dinner was a date night and magical fun time you should be embarrassed by all of the malfunctions closures breakdowns fires wait times GENIE + all of which is enough to make you want to give it up. Nasty areas restrooms trash and no pride is given to a beautiful MAGICAL experience that Walt Disney Dreamed of he would be appalled at how his dream has been so run down.

  2. Go back to the way it was. My family bought Annual Passes. We went to WDW every couple of weeks. Still have to spend $$$ on food. If one park was too crowded for us, we freely park hopped no matter the time of day. We used Fast Pass and didn’t have to pay extra for them. We took in shows like The Lion King. WDW USED TO BE FUN! With annual passes we didn’t pay to park. Resort parking was free. Now we don’t go to the parks anymore. They are no longer fun. Too many restrictions! The parks still look uncomfortably crowded so how have restrictions and elimination of annual passes lightened the crowds? My hope is that Bob Iger will restore WDW to it’s former glory or is my family destined to patronize Universal or anywhere else? This is VERY SAD!

  3. Why limit pass holders? They say it’s because we don’t spend as much money but I honestly beg to differ. I am at Disney, staying on property for a minimum of 3 nights at least 6 times a year and that adds up. We pay our dues but yet we are limited for being loyall

  4. They should remove new requirements completely and go back to how it was three years ago before the pandemic. It was busy and crazy but there were no extra costs and it worked. It “used to be” considered the happiest place on earth.

  5. Why would you limit annual pass holders in any way? They are loyal and regular patrons who have spent a lot of money. Life should be easiest for them.

  6. I totally agree with you. I don’t understand why passholders who they should honor first are given the shaft once again. They need to totally do away with that reservation system. It’s stupid and we don’t like it bring it back to the way it used to be or we could just go anytime we want and park hop anytime we want.

  7. Having your face stuck in your cell phone, and ponying up additional $$$ to ride specific rides, after already paying huge amounts to go to the Happiest Place on Earth. So not Happy!

  8. Ugh, this isn’t good news for passholders. Why make a change, but exclude passholders from the changes?! As an out of state passholder, I am spending PLENTY of money within the parks & resorts! With a pass that has zero blackout dates, why would it not also go along with the freedom to park hop?

  9. I went to Disney for the 16rh rime this year and was aghast.There was no SPONTANEITY the magic is disapppearing and they are nickel and diming eveywhere.fast passes at 15 dollara a day and not all rides accept fast passes and 20 per head cancellation fee if one cancels.dinner; parking fee at resorts; i can go on an on.I SO PRAY THE CHANGE IN CEO BRINGS MAGIC BACK TO DISNEY.There is nothing special about Disney right now.Oh,one last rhing,practically eveey peice of clothing mase in china where ee KNOW child labor is a problem.Heres a thought,build a factoey to makenthem here.Have a magical day!

  10. I agree with that and doing away with the fast passes are my biggest gripes! Not happy with ticket prices but if you could even not stand in line forever, esp with young children, my grandchildren never got to ride Slinky Dog Dash and that is all they talk about and keep asking to go and if could afford to go now doubt I would as hate the looong wait times.

  11. I am hoping that the rule that you have to visit the first park before you park hop will go away for passholders. My husband is disabled, and it’s impossible for us to park hop with this silly rule. So many people now just walk through the turnstile to merely turn right around and head to another park so this rule does nothing other than aggravating the guest.

What do you think?

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