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Iger and D’Amaro spend time together at a Disney park

Iger and D'Amaro spend time together at a Disney park
Credit: Disney

Fans speculate Iger has D’Amaro in mind to be the next CEO.

A tour around Disneyland

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Current CEO Bob Iger and Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products Josh D’Amaro spent some time together at Disneyland this weekend. Guests spotted them walking around both Disneyland and California Adventure on Saturday, December 3.

While the reason for the visit remains unknown, the visit does come a few days after Iger’s Town Hall meeting so let’s back up a little bit.

Town Hall Meeting

Credit: Disney

One of the first actions the new CEO of The Walt Disney Company did was hold a Town Hall meeting for Cast Members and employees. With Chapek out and Iger back in, many are hopeful that the company will rebound.

Cast Members are able to ask Iger questions about the present and future of the company. We heard from him about the company-wide hiring freeze, possible merge with Apple, the future of the park pass system, and his thoughts on the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

In some of his comments, he mentioned he needed to discuss a few things with Josh D’Amaro before he could reach some conclusions. D’Amaro is the man who is essentially in charge of the parks and is responsible for a lot of things like Genie+ and park passes.

Iger and D’Amaro

It’s possible yesterday’s walk around the parks gave the two men an opportunity to discuss some items of business concerning the questions asked at the Town Hall meeting. Many also believe D’Amaro is the obvious candidate to be Disney’s next CEO.

With Iger only stepping in for two years, there is really no time to waste. He needs to find and train someone quickly before the time is up. D’Amaro is already in charge of a lot over at the company and he has the charismatic personality as well. We will see what the future holds!

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  1. Josh D’Amaro is responsible for many of the changes in the parks we all hate (e.g., Genie+ and park reservations). I don’t believe he is the right person for the job.

  2. I agree with JW. We were in DW a year ago and it is so crowded and I hate Genie+. Bring back fast passes with a fee. I have always liked Josh but have been disappointed with him lately as terrible going to the parks with such over crowding and no fast passes you can purchase 3 to 6 months ahead instead of getting up at 7am. Also easy to make changes.
    Not sure Josh us strong enough to take over. Liked him but disappointed with parks now and we haven’t been back even though we usually go twice a year. Canceled my AP. Make me want to get an AP again when available!
    PS – Iger brought in all the Disney wokeness so hope it is gone and hope he doesn’t continue with it and Disney is just a happy place to go to again!

  3. If D’Amaro is responsible for the parks, genie+, and park reservations, then I think Disney needs to keep looking…just got back from WDW. The parks are more crowded than ever (despite park reservations supposedly controlling crowds) and every cast member we spoke was glad Chapek is gone. Without hapoy cast members, there is NO magic. But changes are needed…or just reverting back to how things were prior to covid.

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