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NEW: Disney CEO Bob Iger fires another executive

NEW: Disney CEO Bob Iger fires another executive
Credit: Disney

If you were not a fan of Chapek’s speeches, then you may approve of the latest shakeup at Walt Disney Company.

Chapek is Out

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

After recently renewing Chapek’s contract to end in 2025, the Disney Board fired Bob Chapek as CEO and replaced him with his predecessor Bob Iger. Then, Iger agreed to hold this position for the next 2 years. After this change, Disney stock prices rose

However, Chapek wasn’t left empty handed. Based on calculations, Bob Chapek is expected to leave the company with $23M. Bob Chapek’s departure happened quickly. Check out full details HERE. However, the rebellion began in the summer of 2022 and was led by executives loyal to former CEO Bob Iger.

The recent poor quarterly earnings report was the final straw and forced the board to replace Chapek. Part of the poor quarter earnings was tied to Disney+ which led to the first firing.

First Executive Let Go

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In 2021, Bob Chapek hired Kareem Daniel as the Chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. With Disney’s shift toward streaming services like Disney+, the company made dramatic changes in the leadership style and structure.

The restructuring took power away from executives who oversee the production of Disney content in favor of those who distribute it.

Then, less than 24 hours after the “Changing of the Bobs” (from Bob Chapek to now Bob Iger), Daniel was let go from his position. This wasn’t a surprising decision since Kareem was close to Chapek and was responsible for the changes at Disney+.

Latest Executive to be Fired

Credit: Maggie

The next executive fired wrote Chapek’s remarks on Disney’s third-quarter earnings call. Bochner served as Chapek’s chief of staff until last August. After that, he moved to the position of Vice President of Strategic Communications.

Arthur Bochner, Vice President of Strategic Communications, was let go.

Since Bochner was the chief speechwriter of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s announcements and speeches, it makes sense that they would let him go.

What do you think of this latest change? Please let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

Source: Variety.com

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  1. Very well said! Adults always hate when kids whine and complain. These same adults also believe their own whining and complaining is profound and something that others want to hear. (It’s not lol)

  2. These comments are no different than an election run off. No matter what Disney does your going to have people hating them and people loving them. It gives people something to complain about. Americans LOVE to complain and be unsatisfied! Yes I for one am glad Bob Iger is back. Do I think sweeping changes are coming because he is back? Ahh who knows? But do I think the disposition of the company will improve? Yeah I do. Disney is a for profit, so they need to make money. How they go about making that money is at their discretion. Our family will still remain Passholders, we will still remain fans, and we’ll still spend money at the parks. Why? Because we CHOOSE to,, just like everyone of you all. People if you don’t want to go to Disney because it’s to expensive, then it’s real simple, DON’T GO. But if you have budgeted for a trip to Disney, we’ll then enjoy yourselves! Someone had a great idea, take a tropical trip to the Caribbean, explore this beautiful country we live in. Same price for a four day trip to Disney! Either way, remember a vacation is a time to be with family, friends and have fun. NO COMPLAINERS ON VACATIONS.

  3. I am somewhat relived by this change but until I see some old school things brought back in place I won’t be going back I have not felt that magical feeling in disney for years that warm feeling of being a child the greeting by the employees is even so not a good Feel everyone seems uptite Walt laid this out for us can we just respect him and take care of the family who visits please so we can have pleasant memories for years to come I am 53 and I’m in tears just wrighting this that’s how much Disney means to me and my entire family

  4. I completely agree. Until more executives are replaced Disney will suffer long term. Even faithful pass holders wont support any more tragedy.

  5. Walt Disney is rolling over in his ice grave. He built this for family and children and now it’s so unaffordable families can’t go!!!!!Replace them All!!!

  6. We always wanted to go there and I save money for it and it seems to go up so much every year….I guess we will have to pick somewhere else to go for are bucket list !

  7. This is what I think everyone is missing the point that these men walk away with twenty five millions how much did Bob walk away first time he retired guests pay to endure this treatment i want to be hired for one year then given twenty five million dollars to leave the co what a farce in mean time what do workers have to fight for decent work conditions n salary

  8. We recently went to Disney World and I thought it was way over priced for the average family of four! By the time we flew and stay at the resort well over 7 grand. Next vacation will be at a tropical island!No more Disney for this family!

  9. I used to be a cast member and loved to work there. So it’s not only Iger or Chapeck that is the problem. Some of the higher up leader destroyed the happiness of this place which cast do not feel joy in working there. THAT NEED TO CHANGE!

  10. Thank God Bob C. Is out. Disney has been a downward spiral the minute he started making decisions. Although I’m not coincidence Bob I. Is necessarily the savior until we see what he changes. A vacation at Disney has become a job while on vacation with having to be up at 7 AM to secure a “fast pass”. Smaller portions and higher costs need to change. I went to Disney every year as a kid, and took my now 20 yr olds up until 5 yrs ago. Die hard Disney fan at one point to I’ll never spend another dime there until the straighten the company out. I also make sure everyone I know personally and on social media do the same. They have lost generations of Disney fans until the prove otherwise.

  11. I used to love DisneyWorld when prices were under $100 dollars, and there were affordable restaurants and hotels on site. Also, to pay a ridiculous amount for parking on top of admission is a complete rip-off!! Now, if I have a choice, I would rather go on a trip to other countries than pay the same prices at Disney parks! If they are losing money on Disney+ and other ventures, then shut them down!

  12. Disney want to show chapeak the baf guy and iger like rha salvation man,c mand iger its tha same or bad he know and raise the tickeys too, so disney dont blame on chapek

  13. Just because Chapek is gone doesn’t necessarily mean that things will get better in the parks. I’m sure that the Disney corporation will prosper as always. A lot of the magic disappeared for the average family that took their children to Disney. Not quite the dream Walt had in mind.

  14. Chapek wasn’t fired because of the parks. He was fired because Disney plus is bleeding cash and so is the cruise line. The parks were making record revenues and record profits.

  15. Iger is the reason the company is in the mess it’s in.

    Iger was chairman of the board until Jan 1, 2022. That means he oversaw EVERYTHING that was being done. Honestly the board tells the CEO what to do and the CEO then implements it into the company. So everything that was happening was iger and the board telling chapek to do.

    Funny how chapek publicly stated we have to start listening to our customers then 4 days later he is fired. If someone was able to make those decisions why would he say that? Only someone that has almost no decision making abilities would say something like that.

  16. The bad bob you speak of is likely not the one to blame for the stuff you didn’t like about your trip. Iger is the one that ruined Disney and when he saw covid coming to the USA he jumped ship and left chapek with his mess.

    Iger raised prices at least 7% every year he was the CEO, but he comes back and says he can’t believe prices have gotten as high as they have but he’s the main reason for it.

    While iger was CEO he opened 6 dvc properties and 4 deluxe resorts. In that span 1 moderate and 1 value. Oh and I didn’t even count the star wars hotel that was being built because of him. But he wants you to believe he is all for the little guy and low prices yet his actions speak otherwise.

    Genie plus was igers creation so was charging guests to park at their hotels.

  17. Both Bob’s are poor choices. Disney should stay out of politics. Many people will never go back because of things their children were forced to see. It does not matter how many deals they hand out.

  18. Of course they are about making as much money as possible. That is why every business is open. The problem is Chapek way of doing it severely hurt the customer experience, therefore lowering the stock price. Hence his firing.

  19. Bring back the Fast Pass system! People can’t enjoy the beauty of Disneyland if they’re staring at their phones!
    Also Carnation Cafe needs to have it’s menu brought back. Same with the Blue Bayou! You’re paying more ,and getting less! Who’s idea was it to stop the Surf& Turf at the Blue Bayou? No bread, no salt & pepper! B
    Plus it’s the little things that people want. The maps of the Jungle Cruise ride, an actual AP pass for your lanyard! Bring the Magic Back!

  20. You are so right! They got greedy and squeezed the company. They let it broke down and get dirty. Magic Kingdom is in desperate need of a fave wash!

  21. I am beyond Bob Iger is back. Miracles do happen and with the support of the Disnet fan base, the MAGIC can be brought back. I super first easy fix would be to give back to annual passholders who have truly hung in there because they love Disney and what Walt stood for. Give photo pass back as a good start and possibly do away with reservations for passholders especially those who have chosen the higher pass due to unlimited parks and no blackout dates (with reservation system it causes blackout dates because you cannot go when you want to go).
    Thank you for coming back Bob I.

  22. Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave!!! More than sure the bad current that was running thru his industry is not the legacy he wanted to leave behind!!!

  23. More need to be fired to bring Disney back to a non political place for families to enjoy and not be forced fed the sickening woke agenda . If not Disney will not survive.

  24. Chapek was a disaster…dumb and and crooked. Gutted the things that make DIS profits and are the soul of,the company to focus on the OTA streaming service which is a crap shoot and highly competitive. Gutted profits for movies by foregoing theatre distribution. Picked fights with talent like ScarJo, politicians like DeSantis and creative’s who are the core of their products. Lied to the BOD about Disney+ losses and bad mouthed Iger who remade DIS into its modern position and success.

  25. It is a start, there is a whole bunch that need to go. It will take another month or two to completely clean house. I am looking forward to Kathleen’s final day. I know that will be one of the last as the Lucas films star wars are shutting productions down. But right now the animation division needs to be fixed as well as the most public division, the theme parks, needs a lot of revamping. I expect that it will take several years to fix as the imagineering division was designated under Chapeks rule from before his ascension to CEO.

  26. I will now take my kids back to Disney world, they need to clean out everything that BAD Bob has done and who he hired. Im happy we were just going to Book a trip to Universal in April now ill wait to see what changes will be made at Disney before I do book it !! Spent a month there last August and we usually use our DVC Three or four times a year my five year old an eight year old said they never wanna go back again it was that bad so thank God bad Bob is gone

  27. First what tool so long for the board to fire him
    Second the board members who extended Chapek’s contract with a large raise need tp also be fired or have thier salaries cut to make up for thier ignorant decision that cost the company and share holders so much money.

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