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The Walt Disney Company now lets go of another executive

The Walt Disney Company now lets go of another executive
Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Following the big shakeup with Bob Chapek replaced comes another Disney executive exiting in less than 24 hours. Check out all we know so far.

Bob Chapek’s Exit

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

After recently renewing Chapek’s contract to end in 2025, the Disney Board fired Bob Chapek as CEO and will replace him with his predecessor Bob Iger for two years. This morning, Disney stocks are on the rise and news emerged of Chapek’s potential exit pay with The Walt Disney Company.

The timeline for the exit of Bob Chapek was a very swift one. Check out full details HERE. The choice to remove Bob Chapek as Disney CEO was based upon poor fiscal fourth-quarter earnings that were shared earlier this month (according to CNBC). Part of this poor earnings was tied to Disney+.

Now a new chairman is exiting the Walt Disney Company based on these fourth-quarter earnings.

Another Big Change

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In 2021, Bob Chapek shared that Kareem Daniel was the new Chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. With Disney’s shift toward streaming services like Disney+, the company made dramatic shifts in the leadership style and structure within the organization.

The restructuring has taken some power away from executives who oversee the production of Disney content in favor of those who distribute it. Now less than 24 hours after the “Changing of the Bobs” (from Bob Chapek to now Bob Iger), Daniel is let go from his position immediately.

Credit: KtP

Bob Iger shared with employees that the company will soon begin a “reorganization of Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution”. It appears the reorganization is now in the works.

Bob Iger shared with employees that the company will soon begin a “reorganization of Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution”.

In the next coming days, more changes may be coming to The Walt Disney Company. Find out what big changes Disney fans hope may be coming soon HERE.

What do you think of this change? How do you think this may affect Disney+? What other big changes do you hope will come shortly? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. The new ceo has already adjusted resort fees. # 1 complaint is that the cost to visit the parks are way too expensive. It’s beyond the average family means now unless they change it on credit.

  2. Bringing back Bob Iger is a major start. To many things changed for the bad after he retired and Chapek took over. I can see a lot happening with Iger in charge. Back to the OLD DISNEY. Walt is once again smiling.

  3. I really don’t care who runs Disney. Just want the prices of the parks to be family friendly. Raising prices every time we turn around is insulting. One of the worst parts is having to wait until midnight or 7am to get the Genie+. We have company & have things to do. Why can’t we book a few days ahead. Quit with the price increases. We have a reservation so the crowds can be limited. Money hungry!!

  4. Unfortunately the reservation system is here to stay, if they remove surge pricing, we will see the reservation system disappear, but I don’t see it happening, people are still paying and paying more, and the reservation system can accurately tell crowd levels and how to increase price surge, I hope it goes away and Iger/disney company get back to The magic of the parks and not the profit of the parks and bring families back…But I dont see it happening..we’ve gone from every other year to probably every 5 years now as the price increases are just crazy

  5. While I never agreed with the price structuring of Disney Park attendance, you must have made up for the losses assumed because of covid by now. Let’s bring back the magic. We have been bringing our family there every year for 35 years in a row from Delaware. Finally, a glimmer of hope for the future.

  6. Hoping that reservation will go away hope they bring back more cast members and my big hope is my husband and I can who have been coming since 1971 will be able to bring our grandchildren again we have 8 with new prices there is just no way when on a fixed income

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