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PHOTOS: This princess makes her Magic Kingdom debut!

PHOTOS: This princess makes her Magic Kingdom debut!
Credit: Disney

We have seen this princess pop up a bit at various Disney events, but now she makes her Magic Kingdom debut! What do you think of Disney introducing her into this park?


Credit: Disney

Raya is one of the more recent Disney princesses. The premise of Raya and the Last Dragon is that long ago an evil force stirred in the realm of imagined land Kumandra, threatening humanity. As a result, the world’s dragons sacrificed themselves in the name of saving mankind.

Now, the evil has reappeared.  Unable to sit idly by, Raya, Disney’s newest princess, sets off on a quest to locate the world’s last dragon in hopes of eradicating the evil once and for all.

She appeared earlier this year at Disneyland for Lunar New Year, and most recently met runners at the Wine and Dine 10k. Now, she is making her Magic Kingdom debut in the Adventure Friends cavalcade!

Adventure Friends Cavalcade

Credit: Jordyn

Disney likes to keep the parks interesting and evolving, and part of the way they have done that the last year and half is through cavalcades. Since the parks reopened in July 2020, there have been several new “mini parades” including Halloween, Christmas, and a 50th anniversary parade.

Disney kicked off 2022 with a new Adventure Friends cavalcade! There are so many characters – making it one of the longest sets we have ever seen! Miguel, Moana, Meeko, Baloo, Nick and Judy, Marie, and even Mary Poppins and Bert are just a few of the characters you will see in this cavalcade.

Showtimes vary, so be sure to check Character Locator for the most up to date information!

Raya’s Debut

Credit: KtP

Raya makes her Magic Kingdom debut on top of one of the Adventure Friends floats! This is the float with Merida, Elena, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Moana.

Since Raya is on the top of the float, Moana is no longer in that spot. Now, you can find her walking alongside the float. We love seeing Raya with all the other adventurous princesses!

Credit: KtP

Raya makes her Magic Kingdom debut win the Adventure Friends cavalcade.

What do you think of Raya in the Adventure Friends cavalcade? Do you wish there were more ways to interact with her in the parks? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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