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Severe Weather Floods Magic Kingdom Restaurant

Severe Weather Floods Magic Kingdom Restaurant
Credit: Susan

Disney World experienced some pretty severe weather recently. See how it affected one restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

Severe Weather

Credit: Donna

What do you get when you combine a theme park built on swamp land and severe weather? You guessed it: flooding. When the weather gets really bad and there is lightning in the area, outdoor attractions will temporarily close. Disney will also cancel fireworks and parades. Outdoor characters will stop meeting.

Hurricane season runs from April to October in Central Florida, so be sure to always pack some rain gear and maybe some extra shoes. Pop up showers often occur in the afternoon, and a break at the hotel during this time can be a good way to stay out of the rain.

However, attractions and entertainment aren’t the only things affected by bad weather. Even restaurants can experience some flooding.

Restaurant Flood

Credit: Monica

Just a few days ago, severe weather hit Disney World. Quarter-sized hail was spotted, and it rained heavily for a good period of time. No doubt everything came to a standstill as Guests waited for the bad weather to pass. However, even indoor Guests were affected.

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe experienced a bit of flooding when the bad weather made its way into the Magic Kingdom. In the video below, you can see rainwater on the ground inside the restaurant. It doesn’t appear to be too much thankfully. Check out the video below:

The video was posted 1 day ago and the user shares one of the drains outside the restaurant was clogged up, thus causing the flooding.

Credit: Monica

Pecos Bill’s is located in Frontierland right across from Splash Mountain. I imagine some of those Guests feel like they just got drenched on the ride! We did not hear of any closings of Pecos Bill’s so we assume Disney was able to unclog that drain pretty quickly.

Have you ever experienced flooding at Disney World? Share your stories with us in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Hurricane season is June to Novembet. We hear about the flooding more not because of social media and people complain a lot more now.

  2. Disney World does so much for their guests when the weather goes unpredictable. We were down there when they had to close the park due to hurricane. I wasn’t aware & thought it was just a heavy “chicago-like” downpour , went out to look for store selling ponchos/ umbrellas so the rest of the family could leave nemo.( they dislike rain) wasn’t until I got to dino land that the workers/ other guests were looking in disbelief that i was walking around in hurricane weather during a shelter in place order. The staff wasnt too thrilled that I balked at staying there & made my way back to family. It was an interesting experience. They closed park early when it was the “calm” & evacuated guests.

  3. In the article you stated that Hurricane season is April to October. I am a Floridian and Hurricane season is actually June to November.

  4. Is it just me or does Disney have much more problems with floodings etc. lately? They had 50 years to adapt to the Florida weather…

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