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Possible fire at popular Hollywood Studios attraction

Possible fire at popular Hollywood Studios attraction

Disney evacuated guests from the ride.

Fires at Disney World

Credit: Maggie

Walt Disney World is no stranger to incidents involving fire. There have actually been quite a few lately. Earlier this year, a small fire occurred at the Magic Kingdom during their nighttime spectacular, Disney Enchantment. Another incident happened during a stage show which caused the show to come to a sudden halt.

Back in December, guests saw a rare sight of fire trucks rushing down Main Street after an incident in the Magic Kingdom. Most recently, guests spotted a small fire during a showing of Harmonious.

Unfortunately, shortages and issues with emergency vehicles may cause longer delays in response times. “On a normal day, we would have four fire engines and eight ambulances running all of the calls that serve the entire Disney property. Right now, we have only two of our fire engines actually in service, one tower truck, and then we have another crew that’s running out of our heavy rescue which does not have firefighting equipment on there,” Jon Shirey, president of the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Union, said.

Read more about that story HERE.

Possible fire at Hollywood Studios

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Tower of Terror is one of the park’s most popular attractions. However, it was a bit scary in a different way. Reddit user u/ATLHTX shared yesterday, July 3, that the fire alarm on the attraction was pulled and Disney evacuated everyone out of the building.

It is worth noting that the user did not see or smell any smoke so we cannot confirm if there was an actual fire. Sometimes it’s just protocol to evacuate everyone and call in a firetruck (see above why that may take longer than usual).

Credit: Susan

In this case, Disney Cast Members led guests to a backstage area, and in the photos on the Reddit thread you can see the firetruck. Could this incident have something to do with the secret refurbishment Disney is completing on the attraction? Work may be started on another part of the building.

Were you at Hollywood Studios yesterday? Did you get evacuated at the Hollywood Tower Hotel? Let u know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Monday 4th of July 2022

According to all the information on emergency response in this and other reports it makes you wonder how safe it is to be in Disney. What if there were a major fire in the Parks or say in one of the resorts especially during the night while people are sleeping. Another report said that only half the fire trucks were working at a given time and that ambulances were sent and sometimes broke down. I don’t think that from several reports that the equipment is being very well cared for. Chapek being kept for 3 more years is definitely not a good thing! I also refuse to see Disney’s woke new movies and programs.


Monday 4th of July 2022

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Was that not one of the complaints that everyone was voicing, there will be a slow response in emergency services if Reedy Creek is dissolved? Sure seems that at the moment even with all those "special" self-governing privileges Disney is not doing such a great job. Desantis sure looks to be on the right track. Cancel the district and clean house as much as possible. Re-establish the district under "adult supervision". Vote according in November (Desantis is the only reason that the Florida economy was able to open back up and start getting on the right track even with having to deal with an incompetent Federal government). Let's get Disney World back to a customer satisfaction oriented place to visit. And everyone, and I mean everyone please make good choices in November. Make America Great Again because we sure are going down the wrong path at the moment.

Joyce L Lambert

Monday 4th of July 2022

And yet the board of directors voted to keep Chapek in for 3 more years! Did they ever think that Chapek purposely pushed the Florida governor into taking away their self-governing status? One less thing they are responsible for and more money in their pocket. One more thing that Walt created - GONE!

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