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Disney World guests may not receive adequate emergency care

Disney World guests may not receive adequate emergency care

Those visiting Disney World may find themselves in a situation where they need emergency care. However, they may not receive adequate treatment.

Reedy Creek

The Reedy Creek Improvement District serves all of Walt Disney World and its property. Sine it is its own self-governing body Disney does not rely on surrounding counties for emergency services.

Whenever there is an emergency situation at one of the theme parks, water parks, resorts, or Disney Springs Reedy Creek firefighters will respond to the situation. Guests visiting Disney World should expect adequate care. Instead, they may not receive that.


Credit: KtP

Let me be clear: this issue is not with personnel themselves. It has nothing to do with their training or willingness to help Guests. The issue lies with their equipment.

According to WESH2 there are some serious problems with Reedy Creek’s vehicles. The Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Union says so many of their trucks and rescue units are out of commission that they’re responding to medical emergencies in SUVs.

“On a normal day, we would have four fire engines and eight ambulances running all of the calls that serve the entire Disney property. Right now, we have only two of our fire engines actually in service, one tower truck, and then we have another crew that’s running out of our heavy rescue which does not have firefighting equipment on there,” Jon Shirey, president of the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters Union, said.

Reedy Creek is responding to medical emergencies in SUVs rather than firetrucks or ambulances.

This affects the amount of supplies that can be fit in the SUV and response times.

Why the shortage?

Seven Walt Disney World Firefighters and EMT Under Quarantine for Coronavirus
credit: Reedy Creek fire department

Shirey also shared that the reasoning for such shortages was the fact that the vehicles are breaking down. In fact, he shares that on one cardiac arrest call, one vehicle broke down so they had to send another vehicle instead.

Another incident involves a firefighter who need emergency care, and the vehicle broke down while transporting him to the hospital.

“It’s a major, major safety concern for us.”

What can be done?

Credit: KtP

Shirey did bring these issues and concerns to the Reedy Creek Administration, but they have not responded yet. Additionally, they also declined a statement to WESH2. Hopefully, they will be pressured to fix these issues with more media attention.

These vehicles need to be fixed immediately to allow firefighters the opportunity to do their jobs. Lives may be on the line, and it’s essential that Guests receive proper care in these emergency situations.

Please share this post with your family and friends so more attention is drawn to the issue.

Credit: WESH2

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Wednesday 1st of February 2023

I was reading another article and clicked the link here. What I see here is the union putting on a show because this was right before the contract negotiations. This is from the same union (the national not the local) that tells their members that volunteer firefighters are not as good as they are, that the volunteers want to take their jobs and that if they volunteer, they are hurting their own members. I highly doubt what they claim is accurate. They have four stations on property and what the Union states is that they had two engines, a Tower Truck (Ladder truck) and a Heavy rescue. I call BS as that would mean that one station is operational. They have several reserve units available if apparatus is out of service for maintenance or repair. He further says nothing about ambulances being down.


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Totally agree!


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Use a fraction of the money Disney is making on genie + and Lightening Lanes (money they never had before) and purchase needed equipment to keep guests, cast members and responders safe!


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

I feel like what is going on with Disney is obvious. Chapek is a short-termist. He will ultimately run Disney into the ground. He is making decision that boost stocks and show huge financial gains in the short term. How is he doing this? Among other things, the removal of “Happiest Class on Earth” program (why aren’t more people outraged by this!), not keeping up with the parks, removing cast member incentives, and not maintaining basic emergency equipment. He reduces so much costs that the financials look amazing to the stockholders, thus keeping him in power. However, no one should be surprised when he (and his team) exit quickly only to find that the Disney Company is in ruins and is only a shadow of what it once was. It makes me so sad. I loved Disney so much!

Joyce L Lambert

Thursday 23rd of June 2022

I say Chapek should take some of his bonus of millions and buy new equipment. Stock holders should not have to be burdened with these expenses due to his neglignece and his other corporate buddies. This is a perfect example why Disney should not be its own government.

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