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Will the Disney Wish test cruise cancellations affect new trips?

Will the Disney Wish test cruise cancellations affect new trips?
Credit: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel


Disney confirms the reason for the Disney Wish test cruise cancellations and if they will affect future cruises.

Disney Wish

Credit: Disney

The Disney Wish is Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship! Disney Cruise Line has been teasing us with many updates about the new ship and guests have a lot to look forward to. Recently, we shared a sneak peek at merchandise and restaurants.

From cinematic dining adventures, a tower suiteentertainment, and just stunning staterooms, it has it all. Guests even have a chance to ride on Disney Cruise Line’s first attraction at sea. Recently, Disney offered an amazing discount when the maiden voyage was delayed.

Arrival to Port Canaveral

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The Disney Wish arrived Monday to Port Canaveral with a livestream christening ceremony. Before the Disney Wish cruises open to the public, Disney scheduled preview sailings. These include news media and travel expert cruise on June 29 along with Cast Member test sailings scheduled for this week.


Credit: Disney

However, since then things haven’t gone according to the original plan. We announced the first test cruise cancellation HERE. Not only that, but Disney also cancelled the second test cruise the following day. This leaves us wondering if these cancellations will affect the media/travel cruise next week.

Why Test Sails were Cancelled

Credit: Disney

Are you wondering if these cancellations are COVID-19 related? If so, you can put your mind at ease. According to Orlando Sentinel, the ship is not under any sort of COVID-19 warning. This was verified on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 dashboard for tracking list.

The Disney Wish is not under any COVID-19 warning.

However, Disney Cruise Line confirmed the reasoning with the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday. Disney shared that two test cruises planned for Disney employees and their families this week were cancelled to focus on preparations for next week’s christening event. As of now, the news media and travel expert cruise on June 29 will sail as scheduled.

The media and travel cruise is on schedule to set sail on June 29.

What do you think of these cancellations? Do you agree with Disney’s reasoning or find it disappointing that they let cast members down? Please let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  1. I would much rather they let the cast members go than the media and the bloggers. The cast members and their families deserve something from disney. We all know we will get the same glorious platitudes from the media and the bloggers. Let the real people enjoy the cruise.

  2. I think Cast members, friends and their families were let down. This is heartbreaking and embarrassing. Not too much many people had to pay a lot of money to travel and not to mention the expensive spent on covid tests. I think an apology and trip refunds were not enough. We don’t get refunds for covid testing. I think they should have at least offered Park tickets as well especially for those with children. So unfair.

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