Home Disney Merchandise The next series for this shopDisney collection will release soon

The next series for this shopDisney collection will release soon

The next series for this shopDisney collection will release soon
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Fans of the beloved attraction, ‘it’s a small world’ will not want to miss the release date for this next series from shopDisney.

Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction

Credit: shopDisney

At the end of 2021, shopDisney teased us with a new collection coming for 2022 featuring our favorite pal, Mickey Mouse. Many were excited to learn that this collection would feature the same attractions as those in the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection in 2020. Check out a complete list of upcoming sets in the collection HERE.

The first series in this collection featured items from Space Mountain. In this collection, shoppers can choose from a Mickey plush, key, ears, and pin. The Minnie the Main Attraction had stackable mugs. However, it did not make its official debut over here in the U.S. until March 14th!

Series 2 and 3

Credit: shopDisney UK

Series 2 featured items for Pirates of the Caribbean and Series 3 featured items inspired by the Mad Tea Party. Items from each collection were pretty slow to be released due to many supply issues, but there are plenty of items available at the parks right now all over.

You can find many of the items at various shops in the Magic Kingdom and even in some resort shops. Select items are also still available on shopDisney, though the more popular items like the Loungefly, collectible pin or key are quick to sell out. They do appear every now and then, so keep looking if you want to grab some of these!

Series 4

Today, shopDisney tweeted the release date for Series 4 of this collection.

Series 4 featuring it’s a small world will release on shopDisney on June 17th at 7 a.m. PT!

I (Maggie) love the bright color scheme of this collection and think the combination is beautiful. It is perfect for it’s a small world!

Credit: shopDisney

This collection features the same items as before and includes ears, a collectible key, Mickey plush, collectible pin and Loungefly.

What do you think of this latest collection from shopDisney? Do you like the items from this series? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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