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Mickey Mouse Main Attraction to debut at Walt Disney World

Mickey Mouse Main Attraction to debut at Walt Disney World
Credit: shopDisney


We finally have a debut date for the Mickey Mouse Main Attraction series at Walt Disney World. Check out all the details here.

Mickey Mouse Main Attraction

Credit: shopDisney

At the end of 2021, shopDisney teased us with a new collection coming for 2022 featuring our favorite pal, Mickey Mouse. Many were excited to learn that this collection would feature the same attractions as those in the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection in 2020. Check out a complete list of upcoming sets in the collection HERE.

Like the previous sets, the January Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction items feature Space Mountain. In this collection, shoppers can choose from a Mickey plush, key, ears, and pin. The Minnie the Main Attraction had stackable mugs. Do you like the keys or mugs better? I (Maggie) prefer the mugs.

Release Date

Screenshot: shopDisney UK

Unfortunately so far, this collection has only had a UK release date! In fact, they are actually already onto the third collection, but here in the U.S. we have not seen it at all. What gives? Most likely the reasoning for the delay in this series could be due to supply chain issues.

Today, we finally know of the release date!

Credit: Disney Springs Instagram Story

Today, Disney Springs announced that the Mickey Mouse Main Attraction Collection will make its debut tomorrow at Disney Springs at World of Disney.

Mickey Mouse Main Attraction series collection will debut at Disney Springs on March 14th at World of Disney.

This is exciting news for anyone wanting to grab items from this collection series!

What do you think of the Mickey Mouse Main Attraction series collection? Will you be collecting any of these items or do you prefer the previous Minnie Mouse Main Attraction series? Will you be heading to Disney Springs tomorrow? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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