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Sneak peek of the next Mickey Mouse Main Attraction: will it ever debut?

Sneak peek of the next Mickey Mouse Main Attraction: will it ever debut?
Credit: shopDisney


Depending on where you live, you may be able to purchase the latest Mickey Mouse Main Attraction items. Check out details and pictures.

Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction Collection

Screenshot: shopDisney UK

At the end of 2021, shopDisney teased us with a new collection coming for 2022 featuring our favorite pal, Mickey Mouse. Many were excited to learn that this collection would feature the same attractions as those in the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction Collection in 2020. Check out a complete list of upcoming attraction HERE.

Like the previous sets, the January Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction items featuresĀ Space Mountain. In this collection, shoppers can choose from a Mickey plush, key, ears, and pin. The Minnie the Main Attraction had stackable mugs which I (Susan) prefer over keys. What about you?

Unfortunately, this new collection released only on shopDisneyUK. Many Guests hoped that this collection may land in Star Traders located at Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom. Large decals featuring the newest collection were applied to the doors of Star Traders in January. However, they didn’t arrive at the store.

Second Collection Released

Credit: shopDisney UK

In the second 2022 Mickey Mouse Main Attraction collection, the theming is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This set features rich gold and black colors with a featherlike trim.

What do you think of the design on this set? do you prefer the clean lines of the Loungefly or would you like to see more theming? I (Susan) really like the pirate fabric design, but not the feathered hat in the ears.

Credit: shopDisney UK

Newest Set

Credit: shopDisney UK

Series 3 in the 2022 Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction set features the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. While this is a fun concept, I prefer Minnie’s set so much better. Mickey just looks a little awkward with all those teacups on his head. What do you think of it?

Release Dates

Credit: Donna

Disney teased us with a new Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction collection this year. However, the first and second collections have only been released on shopDisney in the United Kingdom. What about the third set? Well, if you live in the United Kingdom or European countries, you’re in luck! shopDisney UK just announced the third set will be available on March 25.

However, as crazy as it sounds, there has been zero talk about a release date in the United States. Perhaps it is a supply chain issue. As soon as we hear something from Disney, we’ll report it right away so stay tuned to the KtP Facebook Page and Crew.

Do you prefer this set, the 2020 Mickey Mouse The Main Attraction, or the 2021 Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction collections? Will you be waiting to purchase or are you tired of waiting for sets to be released in the United States? Please share your thoughts with us on ourĀ Facebook Page.

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