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Will this new CDC policy affect guests coming to Disney World?

Will this new CDC policy affect guests coming to Disney World?
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The travel industry has been waiting for this to take place, but will it affect your next Disney vacation?

Orlando International Airport

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The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the hub for all visitors traveling by plane in and out of the greater Orlando area. With so many theme parks, attractions, and convention centers it is a very busy airport. Depending on the dates you travel, you may experience long lines at security.

Recently, we shared that approximately 1,000 flights were canceled on June 2. That affects tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of travelers. Unfortunately, many are stranded and still looking to get back to their destinations.

Traveling Internationally

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Until today, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), required all international travelers coming into the United States to provide a negative covid test. Although I’ve (Susan) seen more international guests at Disney World on recent visits, some people may be hesitant to travel with this mandate.

New Policy

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According to CNN, the President is expected to announce today, June 10, that the CDC will lift its requirement for international travelers to provide a negative test Covid-19.

Why This Change?

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The travel industry has been asking for this change for months because they felt it was no longer needed. Then, the CDC will revisit its decision in 90 days to see if it’s needed of not.

What This Means for Disney

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With an increase in international travel most likely coming due to this change, we can expect heavier crowds in all Orlando theme parks, including Disney World. While I’m happy more people will be able to travel, I am also curious what this will do to the already overcrowded Orlando International Airport.

Will this affect your travel plans? What do you think of this mandate being lifted? Please let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

Source: CNN.com

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