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Canceled flights and fights cause chaos at the Orlando Airport

Canceled flights and fights cause chaos at the Orlando Airport
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Travelers heading into and out of Orlando need to be aware of the issues taking place at the Orlando Airport this weekend.

Orlando International Airport

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The Orlando airport (MCO) is the hub for all visitors traveling by plane in and out of the greater Orlando area. With so many theme parks, attractions, and convention centers it is a very busy airport. Depending on the dates you travel, you may experience long lines at security.

You may also be caught in flight delays or cancelations for inclement weather. Currently, Florida is experiencing a tropical depression. Joe has been keeping you all updated on weather threats, and you can see his latest update HERE.

Flight Cancelations

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Because June is the start of hurricane season, we can expect rain and storms frequently for the next several months. Severe weather also causes a flight delays and cancelations, and that is exactly what is taking place at Orlando Airport right now.

Approximately 1,000 flights were canceled this past Thursday, June 2. That affects tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of travelers. Unfortunately, many are stranded and still looking to get back to their destinations.

This is causing massive crowds and chaos in the airport when you consider the other people coming and going on top of those stranded. This will likely continue into the weekend as severe weather is in the area.


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So, what happens when you have thousands of frustrated people? Chaos is what happens. Fights are breaking out around the airport. We have reports of one specific flight this morning, June 4, involving a man and woman near a food court. The male traveler punched a female traveler, and there was blood on the ground.

Fortunately, he was detained and law enforcement officers were on the scene to take statements.

Tips for smooth travel

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While there is nothing you can do about flight delays or cancelations, there are some steps you can take to help your visit to the airport go more smoothly.

First, sign up to reserve time slots to enter security lines. The program allows you to reserve a time slot to go through security. All you need to do is show up at the time you reserved, scan your reservation, and go through an exclusive shorter lane.

This is free of charge, but it is not offered around the clock. Reservation times really only go through late morning, so if your flight leaves after then you will not be able to use this service.

Second, pack your patience. Know that there is always a chance your flight could be delayed or canceled. Try to remain calm as you come up with alternative plans. Consider renting a vehicle to drive home, or grab a hotel room at the airport if there is availability.

Are you at the Orlando Airport this weekend? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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