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Heroic Lifeguard Rescues a Guest in Peril at Disney World

Heroic Lifeguard Rescues a Guest in Peril at Disney World
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We witnessed a lifeguard rescuing a Walt Disney World Guest. The lifeguard’s quick wit and bravery are to be applauded. See our exclusive story below.

A Water Rescue At Disney World

Credit: Disney

Last night, June 4, 2022, was the second weekend of Disney’s H2O Glow Nights After Hours event. The fun-filled, hard-ticketed event takes place on select nights at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, the only water park currently open at Walt Disney World.

H2O Glow Nights allows guests to enjoy the water park and its attractions after hours with low wait times, complimentary snacks, and a dance party. To read more event information, click here.

During last night’s event, lifeguards sprung into action to rescue a Guest. It is reassuring to know how quickly Typhoon Lagoon’s staff puts safety measures in place!

Where the Rescue Occurred

Credit: Katie

During the last bit of the event, quite a few guests decided to enjoy Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool. This is the park’s signature attraction. In fact, it is the largest wave pool in all of North America.

Impressive 6-foot swells of water come crashing through the pool, providing Guests with a thrill. A sonic boom alerts guests just before a giant wave rushes through the pool.

The pool has quite a number of signs reminding Guests to assist children, particularly those who are not strong swimmers. The attraction produces rough waters. Guests in the parts of the pool closest to shore can be swept of their feet even after the waves break and weaken.

Credit: Katie

Additionally, life vests are available in all sizes for this attraction. While they are not required, there are plenty of them for anyone who wants to enjoy the swells but worries about being swept under the water.

It should be unsurprising that such an attraction is monitored by multiple lifeguards. Some Guests underestimate the rough waters produced by the swells, and it is important to have more than one set of watchful and capable eyes on the pool.

Credit: Katie

In fact, Cast Members in the area also verbally caution adults with children to be sure to monitor and help them in the water by holding their hands. They also direct guests to the life vests.

Even with so many precautions in place, unexpected and dangerous situations can arise. Fortunately, the team on duty on June 4, 2022, was prepared to spring into action.

The Rescue

Credit: Katie

During the last 10-15 minutes of the event, an adult Guest near the deepest part of the Surf Pool reportedly experienced a leg cramp. The cramp coincided with one of the 6-foot waves emerging and breaking at that part of the attraction.

Thankfully, a lifeguard recognized the signs of a Guest in peril ver quickly. A whistle sounded and the lifeguard leaped from the station at the top of the wall into the rough waters below.

Meanwhile, the park’s team turned off the attraction’s waves. While the water remained rough temporarily, no other swells interfered with the rescue.

Credit: Katie

The lifeguard was able to reach the Guest swiftly. Soon the Guest was ushered to the safety of the shallows.

Other members of Typhoon Lagoon’s team rushed to offer assistance to the Guest and the lifeguard as they reached the shallows. The entire rescue was evidence of a well-prepared team.

The waves remained off for the remainder of the event. There were no additional swells after the rescue.

Is the Guest Okay?

We are happy to report that a Typhoon Lagoon Cast Member confirmed for us that the park Guest is okay. The Cast Member reported that the Guest, while frightened, did not need to visit first aid.

It is always happy news when an incident is resolved safely and efficiently. Again, the Typhoon Lagoon team deserves to be commended for a job well done in honoring their commitment to Guest Safety.

Quick wit allowed the Lifeguard to recognize the signs of a dangerous situation, and swift action brought everyone to safety. It was a coordinated effort that reflects excellent planning and training.

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