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Chaos at Disney Resort as Child Enters Unauthorized Location

Chaos at Disney Resort as Child Enters Unauthorized Location

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A stay at a Disney Resort is memorable for Guests, but today’s events are memorable in an unexpected way. Check out the incident that had Guests concerned at this Walt Disney World Resort.

Unexpected Surprises

Credit: Donna

Walt Disney World is no stranger to unexpected incidents. There have actually been quite a few lately. Last month, a small fire occurred at the Magic Kingdom during their nighttime spectacular, Disney Enchantment. Another incident happened during a stage show which caused the show to come to a sudden halt.

Back in December, guests saw a rare sight of fire trucks rushing down Main Street after an incident in the Magic Kingdom. Recently a small fire was seen during Harmonious at EPCOT.

These incidents were quickly resolved, but still quite scary to Guests that were present. Earlier, a near tragedy was witnessed at Coronado Springs by Guests.

Coronado Springs

Credit: Donna

Many Guests enjoy taking a break and relaxing around the Disney Resort pools. At Coronado Springs, Guests can enjoy the backdrop of a “46-foot-tall stepped Mayan pyramid cascading water” at the Dig Site pool.

Today, April 16th, as Guests enjoyed the beautiful pool at Coronado Springs, they noticed a child had climbed the steps of the pyramid. This beautiful waterfall effect offers a beautiful backdrop for this pool, but is not safe to climb upon.

Earlier we watched in awe as a video was shared of this incident. A child had climbed to the top of this pyramid. A few moments into the video an adult climbed the steps to help save this child at the top of the pyramid. It is unknown if the adult climbing the steps to retrieve the child was the parent or a helpful Guest.

credit: Rebecca

To protect privacy for the child and the family, a video of this incident is not included. We are thankful that it appears that both the child and adult were safe in the end. In the video, you can hear the concerns of other Guests present at the pool.

Today, a child was saved after climbing to the top of the pyramid at Coronado Springs Dig Site Pool.

Again were are very thankful that all individuals were safe in this incident. We are hoping that additional safety measures may be put in place at this pool location to prevent further incidents from happening.

What do you think of this incident? Do you think there should have been additional safety measures in place to prevent access to this pyramid? Share your thought with us on our Facebook Page.

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Ariana Dee

Sunday 5th of June 2022

While as a parent, I can attest that things happen “in a moment”; it is not Disney’s fault that the parent took their eyes off their child and the child got into mischief. The parent(s) are the ones that need to be held accountable for this. Children are naturally curious, and they are going to explore and try to go inappropriate places and do inappropriate things. That’s why parental supervision is necessary. If you are not the type of parent that can police your own child—and you know this—perhaps a trip to Disney is not for you; until you can learn to properly parent or your child learns danger means keep out.


Sunday 17th of April 2022

I think parents need to start being parents and stop talking on their cell phones and Watch their own children. Stop blaming Disney for everything that goes wrong. If they were watching the child that would never have happened

Dave Ladd

Saturday 16th of April 2022

Try explaining that in court when your neighbor’s child gets hurt on your tire swing. Think the term is “attractive nuisance”


Saturday 16th of April 2022

I hope they don’t decide to tear the pyramid down.

William Widman

Saturday 16th of April 2022

not a Disney problem – a parent problem

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