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New: Disney Guests will Pay More for Annual Passes

New: Disney Guests will Pay More for Annual Passes

Guests at a Disney Theme Park will pay more for tickets and Annual Passes this week.

Annual Passes

Credit: Susan

If you think about the price of a ticket times the number of days you wish to visit in a year, your head may spin. Enter the annual pass.

Disney annual passes are a great way for diehard fans to enjoy the parks more often. You can usually break even in a matter of 10 or more days, but you do need to take flights, hotels, and food into consideration if you do not live close by.

Recent Price Increases

Credit: Jamie F

Price increases are a part of life, and enjoying your favorite place is no different. While we are seeing an increase in the prices of gas, meat, and other necessities, so are entertainment options. That includes theme parks!

We recently saw a jump in ticket prices for various tiers at Disneyland. We wondered if maybe we would begin to see price increases at other Disney Parks.

Loss of Annual Pass Perks

Credit: PhotoPass Photographer

Memory Maker and water park tickets are no longer included but can be added on to the base price at Disney World. Not only that, but there was quite a price increase from when annual passes were last sold in 2020.

It seems the value of annual passes have gone down despite the cost going up.

Newest Annual Price Increase

Credit: Donna

We reported in November that Disneyland Paris increased the price of its annual passes. Most of the increases were in the $34-$46 range.  Various passes have parking included as well as restaurant and shopping discounts.

Starting this week, Disneyland guests will see another price increase! The Infinity Annual Pass will increase in price by €20 from €479 to €499. Other Annual Pass types will increase by approximately €10. 20 Euros is the equivalent of about $22 US dollars. Not only that, but one day and two-park tickets will go up from €119 to €129.

Trend of Price Increases

Rare Character sighings Hollywood Studios darth.
Credit: KtP

Will we continue to see price increases across Disney Parks all over the world? Food and hotel costs are continually going up, so it’s very likely we will see Disney World ticket prices jump up as well. You can see the latest increase HERE.

How do you feel about price increases across the board? Part of life or is Walt rolling in his grave? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.

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William Eloshway

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Me and my girlfriend been annual pass holders for over 20 years we've seen it go down hill steadily the used has the Osborne family light show took it away electric light parade took it away everything gone downhill except the price is gone up I'm gonna go this month to Disney world and after 20 years I will not step on Disney world no more until they bring back the magic


Wednesday 30th of March 2022

Totally agree! Pay so much more for so much less! That is the Disney motto. Take, take, take and don't give anything. I want my memory pictures back to be included......

Susan Phillips

Thursday 31st of March 2022

I think photos should be included too!


Wednesday 30th of March 2022

Passes do go up every year, I understand that. For Disney to offer so much less for so much more is inexcusable. Only the executives are making big money.

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