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Disney theme park tickets now just got more expensive

Disney theme park tickets now just got more expensive
Credit: Disney

Price increases are a part of life, and enjoying your favorite place is no different. Disney theme park tickets now just got more expensive.

Theme Park Tickets

Credit: Disney

It seems the value of theme park tickets has gone down a bit due to the debut of paid skip-the-line benefits. With Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Selections, you are essentially paying for attractions on top of just getting into the park.

Not only has the top tier Disneyland Magic Key sold out, but theme park tickets have also increased today.

One Park

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If you want to just visit one park per day (either Disneyland Resort or California Adventure), here is what you will expect to pay. Do note, these will change based on crowd levels and time of year. Holidays and weekends will be more expensive, for example.

  • Tier 1: Remains $104
  • Tier 2: $119 (previously $114)
  • Tier 3: $134 (previously $124)
  • Tier 4: $149 (previously $139)
  • Tier 5: $159 (previously $154)
  • Tier 6: $164, NEW tier

Tier 1 has not changed while the highest price hike was $10 (tier 3 and 4). Additionally, a new tier has also been announced.

Park Hopper

Credit: Disney

If you want to park hop while at Disneyland Resort, expect to pay a bit more – just like at Disney World. Again, pricing will vary a bit based on when you go.

  • Tier 1: $164 (previously $159)
  • Tier 2: $179 (previously $169)
  • Tier 3: $194 (previously $179)
  • Tier 4: $209 (previously $194)
  • Tier 5: $219 (previously $209)
  • Tier 6: $224, NEW tier

Park hopper tickets see a jump of about $15 for most tiers.

Parking Increases

Credit: Disney

Not only has theme park tickets increased, but it will also cost extra to park at Disneyland Resort. The cost to park has now jumped to $30 from $25.

If you plan to add Genie+ or ILLS to skip the line, your day at Disneyland is about to get more expensive!

What do you think of these prices increases? Do you think Disney World will be next? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. Kat, I agree we should all be grateful for what we have, especially since the are others that are less fortunate.

    This should also apply to Disney management that has become excessively greedy.

    I don’t think any of us would have a problem with Disney raising proces to keep up with inflation or maybe even a bit more. However, ticket prices rose at four times the rate of inflation and the latest Genie +, LL was just additional bonuses on top of that.

    That’s excessive. It’s not supporting Walt’s vision that many people bought into (DVC members that currently represent about 10% of Disney Assets without having any voting power).

    It appears that the recent bad changes occurred when Chepak took over. Not only is it destroying Walt’s vision, it risks the value of the DVC members ownership, since fewer people will be visiting the parks due to extreme pricing.

    Loyal Disneyites voice their concern to keep things in balance, in hopes of keeping Disney great going forward, since many of us experienced this “magic” the past.

  2. People love to complain about everything. Disneyland is a luxury & there is a way to travel for much less. We are middle class, lower middle class in California. We’ve definitely enjoyed the park spending nearly nothing inside. It’s tough for families traveling and I have empathy for those expenses. I am not going to hate on Disney raising prices. Prices for everything are increasing. Groceries, gas, utilities. Everything. Wages are increasing as well. Disney has to pay these added costs. They aren’t immune. Supply chains are locked up. It’s not a surprise prices were raised. It’s all good. A billion people on earth don’t have access to clean water. Not going to bitch about vacation costs. Especially when people have voted for bills and politicians that raise costs… but expect those costs never to get passed down to them. I work in accounting. Economics should be taught in schools early. No one seems to expect inflation even though it’s just beginning with the huge budgets and deficits being passed. Bring your own lunch, or don’t go. Don’t sit around and complain. Especially now, just be happy if you & your family are healthy.

  3. I found an old ticket from the 80’s…the price $10.50….explain to me how the price went up sooo much!!! Soon it will be a place only for the rich, and no longer the middle class family!!!

  4. Best part is, you don’t get anything new for all the extra money! Oh yeah- and Disney would still be making billions every year without the increases. This is just how the mouse operates now- the happiest place on Earth, but only if you can afford it. Still waiting for the mouse to realize that they can build a whole new, massive, theme park system in the NY-metro area, and not lose any money, and very few patrons- the patrons just get spread out more, and are able to actually afford to visit!

  5. I grew up with Knotts and Disneyland Knotts had a amazing Halloween haunts I moved out of California in 1986 I would go back for Knotts but not Disneyland not as much there as disney world and I have been there in 2016 & Oct 2021

  6. Whoa- $160 for just one person to get in one day at one park?? For a family of 4 that’s well over $600 and that’s just in admission. There are vastly superior ways to spend that kind of money

  7. The biggest problem is the lines so a person gets to ho on only a few of what they wanted. So Disney has to resolve the lines only real way is less people. But the magic of Disney presently is past. The children happy. The teenagers skipping along with friends. The adults taking in the extras.Please
    Now look at the exhausted looks on most of the people just walking around. Easy corporate to look for the next quarter but once the average person passes around the word I had a great time but I tell those close don’t bother then corporate will regret it. Look at the country I want, I deserve and I want it now. Is it really Magic?

  8. Tuvo la oportunidad de llevar a mi hijo dos veces, pero con estos precios creo que no podremos regresar y si vamos sera a un solo parque, me encanta Disney pero nunca me imagine que subieran tanto sus precios. como dicen hay mas cosas que hacer en la Florida y en Anaheim.

  9. We just returned from a Disney World week long stay. Was really a let down. Half the things were closed, rides broke or breaking down. Yet they want to go up on tickets. I wanted to ask for half my money back. I’ve been here several times in my life, this time was ridiculous.

  10. I have been a Florida resident for almost 30 years now and I have never been and neither have my kids… Even with the Florida resident discount it is still way too much…. However we have been annual pass holders to Busch gardens for the last few years very affordable and a lot of fun and they have more coasters to ride… We go monthly… And it is worth the extra drive time…. Keep raising them prices Disney I really don’t care we will never miss you…

  11. Your spot on Mike until people start making these big companies pay for what they do to us, It’s just going to continue This is so many other things to do in the United States and abroad, its just a big amusement park, people need to experience life somewhere else. Disney is not the end of the world it’s just been pumped up for so many years move on people

  12. Just as everyone else is saying.. My family and I have been pass members for many many years. It’s just so expensive that it is not affordable anymore. It was always a bit of a financial issue but always made it work. Not any more, as much as I love Disney we are doing all of the other parks annual passes for less than one Disney pass! See ya Disney!

  13. This was supposed to be a magic adventure for everybody, not a “VIP” park for people with money…I really enjoyed going there…I guess Knott’s Berry Farm is going to get all the benefit out of this…

  14. I don’t blame you. Since none of the Disney family owns it any more they are gonna just keep ruining it and pricing people out of the park not worth what they want and all these extra charges Walt is rolling around in his freezer

  15. I had been an annual pass holder for decades, my has retired from Disney Co. Now neither of us go to WDW, as everyone else making comments state the magic, has gone away.Raising costs does not make the magic but it will ultimately make it nicer to have fewer people to bump shoulders with on Main Street. Smooth move Chapek, you greedy troll.

  16. We used to get annual passes. When my Daughter was younger we could get 2 adult and one child pass for under $500. Now, you can’t even get 1 adult pass for that price. Disney has finally priced out middle class families from going there. Disney world is now for only the upper class privileged. Such a shame. I really loved the parks but now the cost has just eliminated us going. Walt would be ashamed.

  17. I’ve been going to Disney since it opened. My wife was there when the tea cups were still upside down. We both love Disney. However, as many people have said, it’s just another amusement park with NO attraction anymore. We pay more and get less and there are more rides that are breaking down then ever before. This will be our third time down this year and probably our last. As a family, we all agree that there are more magical places to see in this country and around the world. Thanks for the memories. Disney has nothing but corporate greed.

  18. I don’t know. I was just there (Disney World) and it was packed. Boobash was sold out. The lines were long. It seems like everyone has a lot more disposable money and at least here Walmart and fast food restaurants are paying $20 an hour. So if everybody’s making a lot more money which is what they wanted then all the businesses are going to obviously raise their prices as well. I also went to universal for one day and the prices there were astronomical as well. So if they’re all doing it and they’re all getting massive crowds who can blame them.

  19. Disney is pricing itself out of reach for the average American family and this is sad. The happiest place on earth is no longer a dream vacation for kids. Same on you Disney!

  20. Just got back from a trip to Disneyland. It will be our last. The worst trip we’ve ever had. Every cast member we encountered was rude, and had no idea how to provide a minimum level of customer service. Mobile ordering for food is a joke. We’ve never had an issue getting the food and snacks we wanted on any other trip. This time, it was a constant issue the entire 4 days. Disney also doesn’t understand the concept of a virtual queue. The point is to wait in line virtually, not physically. We went shortly before the pandemic hit, and are amazed at how bad it got in such a short amount of time. They should have worked during the pandemic to update and improve. And, they should have been ready to go as soon as they were allowed to open again. Instead, they are offering less entertainment, you can’t even buy a meal or snack when you want, long lines even for “virtual queues”, and now they want you to pay to be able to go on rides? They have seriously screwed things up!

  21. Agree! Been going regularly since WDW opened 50 yrs ago. Attended the 50th Birthday Celebration and I was extremely disappointed. Disney talks about the Magic. What Magic. Its gone

  22. Disney has out priced themselves for a normal family. This is not what Walt would have wanted. We are paying more for less. The magic of Disne World is gone. I can’t afford to take my grandchildren like I once could. And being a Florida resident and a senior citizen, it is difficult for my husband and I to enjoy the parks. Shame on you Disney

  23. Walt would be turning over in his grave he built the park for a family place to go with these prices a family can not afford to go I’ve been to disney many many times but greed has set in so I’m done

  24. My family and I were just there at the beginning of October for the 50th celebration. I can conclusively say the magic is gone. It is nothing more than a cool theme park. All the little extras that keep us coming back are no more. Thanks for the memories Disney, but you lost my business.

  25. So again, more money for less of an experience. No thank you. We absolutely love Disney, but Chapek has out-priced it for my family now. New vacation locations on the horizon! Chapek needs to go away. It’s all about greed now instead of magic.

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