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An Individual Lightning Lane Attraction has NOT opened at Magic Kingdom

An Individual Lightning Lane Attraction has NOT opened at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Rides break down and some don’t open at all. But, what happens when one of those happens to be an a la carte purchase? An Individual Lightning Lane Selection has not opened at Magic Kingdom yet.

Genie+ vs ILLS

Credit: KtP

We are still learning so much about the new Genie+ system and the Individual Lightning Lane Selections (ILLS). For a full guide on how these work, check HERE.

Disney World attractions are divided into Genie+ rides that are part of the $15/person/day and two attractions in each theme park are considered ILLS. These must be purchased for a separate price. You can see how all the rides that are included in these two categories HERE.

Kenny is at Magic Kingdom this morning for a ride challenge! Not only did he note that the rope drop procedure has changed a bit, but he also ran into a few hiccups.

When things don’t go as planned

Screenshot: MDE

Unfortunately, despite being one of the first Guests in the rope drop crowd, Kenny still ran into some hiccups. For an 8:30 am Early Theme Park Entry start time, the crowd was told at 8:10 that Seven Dwarfs would not open at 8:30 as planned.

A few minutes later it began to lightly drizzle, so it appears the weather was a factor in the decision. That means all those onsite Guests hoping to ride without paying will either need to wait nearby so they can hop in line when it opens or wait in standby. Of course, paying is also an option…when it opens.

Not only that, but The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan were also closed this morning. At time of writing, Pooh and Pan have since opened but Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is still closed.

How does this work for Guests who purchased ILLS?

Credit: Disney

Onsite Guests can begin booking ILLS at 7 am while offsite Guests must wait until park opening. But, what happens when the ride is down during your return time?

We know Disney has a more lenient refund policy if the attraction is down for the entire day, but if it does become available? Well, fear not!

If the ILLS attraction opens/reopens (in this case it’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train), you will be able to use it all day after your return time.

Due to the closure of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Winnie the Pooh, many guests went to “it’s a small world” creating a bit of a traffic jam in that narrow part of Fantasyland. Hopefully our favorite mine coaster opens soon!

What attraction would you go to if you found out Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was closed? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. It appears that a ride down issue will create the same ‘end of day’ queue overloading as did fast pass (when people waited toward the end of the day to use their fast pass which doubled the wait for that line and basically stopped the standby line).

    The only difference now is Disney makes more $$, both by charging for LL and having fewer repair technicians.

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