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The Best Room Locations at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

The Best Room Locations at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Check out the best room locations at one of our favorite resorts on the Disney property!

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and Villas

Credit: Maggie

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and Villas is an amazing resort with spectacular views and with great proximity to the action at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. With a location right on Crescent Lake, the Boardwalk provides walkable access to two of the four Disney parks along with great dining, entertainment, and other amenities.

For a detailed look at this resort and all it has to offer, check out the resort guide. It is important to note that this resort has two sides: the Inn side and the Villas side. For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing on the Villas side of the resort. This is where the DVC room accommodations are, including studios, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom grand villa options.

Boardwalk Villas Booking Categories

Credit: Jamie/Monica

When booking at the villas side, there four different room sizes: deluxe studio, one bedroom, two bedroom lock-off, and three bedroom grand villa. The Boardwalk does not have any dedicated two bedroom options. Instead, two bedroom accommodations are created by combining a one bedroom with a studio.

In each of these categories, there are three different view types available: standard, pool/garden view, and boardwalk view.

The standard view option rents for the least amount of points and is the cheapest option to book. Standard view studios are one of the cheapest point options available in the entire DVC portfolio, but there are also not many of them. Typically these are snagged at the 11 month mark by Boardwalk DVC owners and are usually not available for cash rent or for DVC owners of other resorts.

Credit: Maggie

Pool/garden view studios provide a view of either main Boardwalk pool or one of the quiet pools. Garden rooms provide a greenery option for guests who might want a nicer view at a quieter location.

Finally, boardwalk views provide a view of the boardwalk and Crescent Lake.

Best Rooms for Standard View

Credit: Monica

If you have a standard view room booked, the best room to request is likely one that is by the elevators. One of the major complaints of many guests of the Boardwalk Villas is that the hallways are very long and there is only one set of centrally located elevators. These elevators are located centrally and close to the lobby.

By requesting to be near the elevators, rooms will be close to the lobby and to the action. While the view may be of a parking lot, the front of the resort, or even a portion of the Boardwalk Villas roof space, rooms closest to the elevators will keep you from trekking extra steps after a long day at the park.

As a top tip to keep in mind for standard views, I would try to stay away from the “71 and 73” line of rooms, or the rooms that end in 71 or 73 on each floor. These rooms, particularly on the third floor and higher, look out to the roof and have very obstructed views of really anything at all.

Best “In the Action” Rooms for Pool/Garden View

Credit: Monica

If you want to feel like you are a part of the action at all times, request a pool/garden room that overlooks the Luna Park Pool. This is the feature pool at the resort and features the infamous keister coaster. What was once a creepy clown pool that stared into the souls of guests at night from pool view rooms is now a harmless Mickey Mouse slide.

Requesting a pool/garden room that overlooks the feature pool guarantees that you will be very close to the pool action and you will be centrally located on the Boardwalk. The pool is a very short walk from the lobby, the arcade, the playground, the Village Green, and the Boardwalk itself.

Best “Quiet” Rooms for Pool/Garden View

Credit: Jaelyn

If you want to be close to the action but are still looking for a quiet place to rest away from the chaos that can be a Disney vacation, I would highly recommend requesting a room that overlooks the Village Green. The Village Green is a grassy area that is centrally located behind the lobby. It is used for outdoor recreation and is immediately behind the surrey bike rental and Friendship Boat Launch.

My family and I stayed in room 2059 that overlooked the Village Green on our last stay. We were right above Wyland Galleries. This room location ended up being absolutely perfect for us because it allowed us to be close to the lobby, to the Boardwalk, and to transportation. Additionally, it was quiet enough that my youngest son could easily take a quiet afternoon nap.

Best Boardwalk View Rooms

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Credit: Disney

When booking a Boardwalk view room category, the rooms with the best view are those on the 5th floor, or the highest floor in the building. The higher up your room is, the more you will be able to see when it comes to the Crescent Lake area. As an added bonus, you can see Spaceship Earth from some of these rooms!

It is important to note, though, that these rooms are on the Hollywood Studios/Swan/Dolphin side of the resort. If you have a stroller or reason to need to be close to an elevator, it might be worth your while to consider a lower floor. There are a few Boardwalk view options located directly on the Boardwalk itself toward the Atlantic Dance Hall!

Final Thoughts

Credit: Monica

Overall, the Boardwalk Villas have several excellent room locations that you can request on your next stay. While requests are never guaranteed, it doesn’t hurt to place one and see what happens. Ultimately, however, I would be fine staying in any room on this property because I love the area so much!

What are your thoughts about the best room locations at the Boardwalk Villas? Have you had a room location that you’ve loved (or hated)? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Thursday 25th of April 2024

Hello, We have booked a 3 bedroom at Boardwalk Villas. Can you tell me where these are located? Are they near the elevators? Thanks so much


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

Thanks so much as this is very helpful. I usually request to be near the elevator but it is good to know what to expect in the different locations. Thanks, again.

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