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Disney World stops new transportation service

Disney World stops new transportation service
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Disney shares an important update regarding its transportation services. Will this impact your plans?

New transportation option

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Since Disney’s previous Magical Express service ended at the beginning of 2022, guests now need to find their own transportation options to and from the airport.

Luckily, guests do have several options to choose from, though they all come at a price. Guests have the choice to take transportation with Mears Connect, Sunshine Flyer, or take a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft (although that will now cost a bit more).

Monica had a chance to speak with the Vice President of Sunshine Flyer. You can read about everything she learned about the new service HERE.

Disney’s Private Transportation option

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Not too long ago, Disney shared that another option would be available to guests. Guests have the option to book private round trip transportation to and from the airport as a package add-on.

Several forms of transportation are available such as vans, sedans, SUVs and limousines. For pricing and more details regarding this option, take a look at our post HERE.

A new update

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Disney has shared the following update regarding this form of transportation. Their announcement is as follows:

“New bookings are currently unavailable for private ground transportation to and from Walt Disney World Resort and other surrounding areas. This Walt Disney Travel Company package add-on will be unavailable until further notice. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some existing private ground transportation reservations may be impacted. Affected Guests and Travel Agents will receive a phone call if their reservation has been impacted.”

Private ground transportation is currently available, and some existing reservations may be canceled.

Guests who were planning to use this service for a future trip will no longer have this option available to them. Disney has shared that those guests will have to find alternative modes of transportation. Guests who have booked this transportation option with Disney will receive a full refund.

Will this affect a future trip of yours? Were you planning to use this service? What do you think of this sudden announcement? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. I’m a vacation club member, so I’ll still go to WDW. However, I’ll be visiting Universal Orlando parks on my next stay. WDW is making this decision easy for me.

  2. This is BS not to have a plan to get guests from the airport to the properties, we are going in late May and have no clue how to get our party of 8 (3 small children) to the Contemporary?!? Rent cars are in short supply and we would need car seats, then you pay $25/ day for parking and you won’t use the car all week. The buses were very convenient for transport. This is already a hassle.

  3. I was thinking about doing a Disney vacation next year for my daughters and I but if there’s this much disappointment and I’m blowing money for no reason maybe I will think again before I set up this reservation

  4. I was there with my grandchildren the end of February. It was just blah! No magic. Just an expensive place where most rides were down. Never seen Magic Kingdom so filthy. Never will go again.

  5. It took the magic away so now staying off property is a better and cheaper option. There are some great hotels in Orlando!

  6. I’ve been at least 5 times and each time I go I get the feeling that I just don’t want to go back. The cost keeps going up and you get less and less. My first time was magical now well I think you need a ceo who loves kids and the magic that things use to bring. I get things cost money to operate but to line your own pockets shoes your not kid or family friendly. Kick out this ceo and bring in New one.

  7. There is no magic corporate greed is taking over it’s all about the money it’s all about the rich getting richer at the expense of the little guy it seems like going to a theme park or sports event it’s all geared towards people with money the upper class and the metal to lower class are going to be left out because they don’t have enough money to enjoy a family trip to Disney world or to a baseball game or to a football game

  8. We were that family too, we traveled with the same family every year We planned 6 mos in advance with tremendous anticipation…….we had spreadsheets…..we had planning meetings…..it WAS great fun

  9. Traveled annually to Florida Disney for 15 years sometimes twice a year. Magic Express was always the start of our experience. Excitement for the kids, easy for the parents. The changes are not guest friendly and ad an element of stress and possible confusion that kicks off the magic in a negative rather than magical way. Walt would not have stood for this disruption in guest experience. If it needs to change, change it but change it for the better guest experience.

  10. We first started going to Disney World 25 years ago when my daughter was 3. We went after friends with small kids went and the description that they used of their Disney experience was that Disney “made it so easy to be there”. They have lost their way.

  11. No transportation no luggage handling no airline check in no package delivery no 1 hour early extra magic hours no evening extra magic hours no fast passes or dining reservations 90 days ahead of time and no annual passes for sale. Sounds like Disney is like any other destination expensive no perks and doesn’t care if you are a returning guest or not. Very dissappointing

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