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NEWS: Disney is now offering transportation to and from Orlando International Airport

NEWS: Disney is now offering transportation to and from Orlando International Airport
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2022 marked the exit of Disney’s Magic Express, Disney World’s complimentary airport transportation service. Guests are now left to arrange their own transportation to and from Orlando International Airport through companies outside of Disney. Now, Disney is once again offering airport transportation to begin and end your magical vacation. Will you be using Disney’s transportation service on your next trip?

Disney’s Magical Express

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In case you haven’t heard, Disney is no longer offering their complimentary Magical Express transportation to and from Orlando International Airport.

Instead, Guests have to arrange their own transportation to and from the airport.

There are a few different services that can be used, mainly Mears Connect and the new Sunshine Flyer transportation services. Of course there is always Uber and Lyft if you prefer.

New Disney airport transportation

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Guests booking vacation packages can now book private, round trip, direct Disney transportation to and from the airport as a package add-on.

There are several transportation options available at different price points. Guests can choose from vans, sedans, SUV’s, and limousines.

Drivers meet and greet Guests at baggage claim and handle their luggage. Gratuities are not included.


How much will this cost?

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Pricing is available on Disney’s website when booking a vacation. We were not eligible to add this service when booking a Resort stay only, it was available when booking a package with Theme Park tickets though.

We were able to see the cost for several vehicles. As this is an add-on, the price shows the cost of the transportation in addition to the vacation cost, so it is important to keep that in mind when determining if this transportation option is best for you.

The transportation is round trip, and gratuity is not included.

Cinderella Castle as the Beacon of Magic. Credit: Monica

Pricing for this new service will vary based on when you book your trip, so be sure to check Disney’s website for exact pricing. We saw different prices for different dates and resorts. Here is an example for the transportation add-on to one package:

  • Stretch Limousine Service-up to 6 passengers and 5 medium suitcases $394.36
  • Sedan Service-up to 3 passengers and 3 medium suitcases $201.26
  • SUV Service-up to 5 passengers and 5 suitcases $250.38
  • Executive Limousine Service-up to 11 passengers and 11 medium suitcases $318.38
  • Exclusive Van Service-up to 10 passengers and 10 medium suitcases $354.94

Other options

Credit: Disney

Disney will even be offering this private transportation service from Tampa International Airport, Sanford International Airport, Orlando Amtrak Station, Cape Canaveral, Vero Beach, and Daytona! For transportation from these locations, Guests will need to call the Disney Reservation Center.

Additionally, Guests can book this service for one way travel as well, but this will also need to be handled through a call to the Disney Reservation Center.

Will you be using this new, private Disney transportation service? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook.


  1. I’ve been going to Disney World every year since it opened ,about eight years ago I bought into the DVC over those many years I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars and usually loved every minute of it but in the last five years the magic has gone sold my DVC and stopped going to Disney World .Poor Walt The magic he created has gone ,unfortunately this magical jem was left into the hands of people who don’t know what they doing poor service over pricing money hungry. SO SAD

  2. We go to Disney at least once every 2yrs & sometimes more but the changes in their system is not a great sign. My husband wanted to sell our timeshare and I am starting to agree with him. After reading the above comments, I’m very disappointed in Disney’s changes.

  3. I took an Uber from WDW to the airport yesterday. An Uber XL with seating for 5 was $49 before tip. We had 3 big suitcases, but there was room for more.

  4. My family and I are going in July. There will be 5 of us. There is no way we can get stuff for 5 people for 8 days in 5 medium suitcases. I usually end up with one large and one medium suitcase. The two little ones usually carry on their small suitcases. My son can probably go with a backpack and his wife is like me and will need two. I would honestly rather use Disney transportation (price is horrible, but I like the idea of going with Disney.) $250 plus a $50 tip. Wonder what an Uber would cost?

  5. Went to Disney this past October. Things weren’t going well for Disney from what I could see. Parks very crowded and lots of snacks not available. The campground was over booked with lots of loud partygoers. Almost dangerous. Will ne rethinking my next trip.

  6. Yeh parking is around £30$ a day to park in their largely empty car parks at the resort you already paid hundreds for.

  7. We have been Vacation Club members for 30+ years. We have given trips to people for wedding and graduation presents. Disney has betrayed us in so many ways. Bite me, Disney.

  8. Let’s face it the magic is gone! Getting off the plane and having all of your needs taken care of was the beginning of the “Disney Experience.”. When you look at all of the additional charges, Disney is eliminating middle income famlies. Is this planned to have Disney be eclusive for the “upper crust” in America and the common man left standing at the gate looking in? Sad to say, my family is planning a reunion in August and everyone agrees this will be the last trip to the Greedy Kingdom. Poor Walt must be spinning in his grave!

  9. Stay at Universal. Public bus #111 from Orlando International airport for $2, drops you off at the Hilton on I-Drive, then from.thr Hilton take the I-Drive Trolley to stop G5 which is Universal Studios Dockside hotel, for $2, or for 25 cents if you’re over 65 years old. Then take the FREE buses at Dockside to CityWalk or to another Universal hotel. Repeat on the way back to the airport.

  10. I just got back and i am a disney lover. With that being said i a was not feeling the magic. We still had a great experience with some cast members. But most were tired and you could tell. Just like many of us, the nickle and dime approach of disney right now really made it hard to not get frustrated. This is just another example. We used fl tours and it coat us 220 round trip with tip in a suburban with stroller luggage, two booster seats, and optional grocerie stop. If my kids were bigger we would have done universal.

  11. I think with the prices of tickets and hotels, this should be a complimentary service that Disney provides! It’s extremely sad that the average family can’t even afford to take their children to Disney!

  12. Im a dvc member and put alot of money inro dues and loans. And im startibg to rethink it. My friends are selling theirs. Disney is pricing themselves way out. Bob chaptek should be ousted. This is not walt disneys dream…

  13. This has been the case for years now. This isn’t new by any means. Not many people did it because it’s too expensive. They would either opt for the free magical express or just rent a car themselves.

  14. We are 21 year DVC members who have always spread the word about the quality vacations we have experienced at WDW through the years. Not any more. We are turned off by the elimination of so many aspects that made our annual ( multiple ) trips worth it. Now it’s about the greed and the “ magic “ has been replaced by all the cost increases and new ways to reach into our pockets. Chapek needs to go. Now.

  15. Sharon: They already charge to park at resorts! If you are staying at the resort (day visitors are not charged). Price increases by level of resort. That started a year or two ago.

  16. While we were sad it ended (we got there literally the day after it ceased) for our party of 6, Tiffany Town Car was cheaper than Mears with stops and a shared ride, round trip. AND they will do a 30 minute grocery stop free/included, if you so choose. While free was better, we were happy with TTC!

  17. Rather rent a car and stay on a resort with free parking. Better yet. Universal Studios.
    Used to go to WDW every year. It is not worth it now.

  18. Yers you are correct. We started noticing this during the pandemic and we are ready to go UO annual passes and ditch the mouse. Sad because we love Disney but from the top…executives need to get boot and without compensation. To top it off, their stuff is not the magical friendly they used to be and there is always safety issues with people looking for fights. Good luck Disney.

  19. Absolutely not! Eliminating the Magical Express was a monumental failure on the part of Disney. I am booking a March 2022 trip next week & I will use Mears as my transportation.

  20. As a lifelong Disney fan I am heartbroken at the decline in quality at the parks. The loss of transportation is one piece in a larger puzzle of no longer putting the guest experience first. It saddens me deeply.

  21. I feel Disney is becoming too expensive and nickel and diming folks. Hotel rates and ticket prices have increased, while services are diminishing. Isn’t the price increases to cover all the amenities they used to offer, but no longer provide free.. But I guess not. And Im a 25 time Disney vacationer
    that stays mostly at deluxe hotels. My party sizes have ranged from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 8. Well I think I have to rethink about Disney being my.primary vacation location…..

  22. Ridiculous price to use disney transportation. It sad that everything Disney is now all about the money. My family will be using the sunshine flyer for our trip to Walt Disney World this May.

  23. What’s the price of a seat on the Mears bus you show in the picture?! We can’t all afford limos and private transportation.

  24. Unfortunately I don’t think this will be going away anytime soon. DIsney Cruise Line might be next on this nickel and dime system they got going.

  25. Honestly, I think it’s really sad that Disney is starting to charge for so many things they used to include for “free”. I know we’re in a time of inflation and everything is becoming more expensive but I also think it’s how you present it. For example,instead of charging resort guests for parking, raise room costs by $15/night; they always increase anyway. I’m not a business person so maybe I just don’t get it. And maybe for new guests, it won’t make a difference. But for a lot of us who have been going for years, I think it feels like WDW is losing some of its magic. Or maybe it’s just me and I need a reality check! Either way, for now, we’re still DVC and have our APs.

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