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Big mask policy changes for Disney World transportation

Big mask policy changes for Disney World transportation
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The news keeps coming today! Now we have an update on the mask requirement on Disney transportation. You will want to read this!

Face Masks

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Disney dropped its mask policy for vaccinated Guests recently. This means if you are fully vaccinated you do not have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. There are a few exceptions, however.

Regardless of vaccination status, you must wear a face covering inside the First Aid centers. These act like mini health clinics, and medical offices and hospitals around the country still require masks.

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For one, they must still be worn on Disney transportation. This is a federal mandate by the United States government and was recently extended.

For the most part, vaccinated Guests are free to roam around Disney property without wearing masks (if they so choose). However, the new change affect Disney World transportation.

Disney Transportation

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Disney uses buses, monorails, boats, and the Skyliner to transport Guests around property. There are so many parks and resorts that complex systems are needed to get people where they need to go.

Since the federal mandate requires all people to wear masks on public transportation, that means you have to wear a mask anytime you get on Disney transportation. However, it appears Disney is getting around that by classifying two modes of transportation as an attraction instead.

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Now, vaccinated Guests will no longer need to wear masks on Disney’s Skyliner or while being transported to and from the Galactic Starcruiser. Previously, they were both required. This change goes into effect tomorrow, March 16.

Masks no longer need to be worn on the Skyliner or while being transported to and from Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

At this time, Disney still requires mask on other transportation like the monorail and buses.

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