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Masks Are Still Required In One Indoor Location At Disney

Masks Are Still Required In One Indoor Location At Disney
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Are you visiting Disney World soon? Don’t put that mask away so fast, you may need it in one location that you weren’t expecting.

Mask Mandates

Credit: Disney Cast and Community official Facebook Page

All theme parks that have reopened have made changes to what our new normal looks like. We have seen temperature screenings, social distancing, and all kinds of mask policies. Who would have thought that these words would become part of our vocabulary? I certainly did not!

Last spring, we saw the face mask policy change. Many places allowed masks to be removed outdoors. Then came a complete drop of the masks, indoors and outdoors for vaccinated Guests. This was an amazing change for all those summer vacationers.

It is hot in Florida during the summer without a mask. This change let guests decide on their own if they wanted to wear a mask or not.

Mask Mandate Lifted

Credit: Disney Cast and Community official Facebook Page

Effective TODAY, February 17, face coverings will no longer be required for fully vaccinated Guests in both indoor and outdoor locations. Face masks will still be required on Disney transportation like buses, the monorail, and skyliner.

Disney was not the first to lift their indoor mask mandate. Universal Orlando lifted their mask mandate on Saturday, February 12, 2022.

Still Need A Mask

Credit: KtP writer Susan

There is one indoor location that masks are still required in Disney World. Can you guess it? It’s one place you want but never hope to need while on vacation.

The First Aid locations are still requiring face masks when guests visit even though the indoor mask requirement has been lifted. This does make sense as it acts similar to a health/doctor’s office. Even my (Heather) local face mask requirements are being lifted for vaccinated guests, but medical offices are still requiring them.

Face Masks are still required when visiting Fist Aid Locations

Be sure to still pack those face masks (even though you still need them for Disney transportation), just in case you need to visit a First Aid location. Fingers crossed you won’t need it!

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