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Breaking: Many Disney World Attractions are Now Closed

Breaking: Many Disney World Attractions are Now Closed
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Yikes! Several attractions at Disney World are currently closed!

Attraction Closures

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Rides close for a number of reasons. Disney may need to perform extended maintenance so the ride closes for a refurbishment. This is very common, and in fact, sometimes those refurbishments are even extended. In fact, Expedition Everest will remain closed longer than originally planned.

Other times, a portion of a ride closes. Perhaps work on part of the attraction is needed, but closing the entire ride is not necessary. This is currently happening at Tower of Terror. We are seeing extremely high wait times as Disney closes some of the elevators.

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Of course, weather and electric issues can affect attractions. There has been some crazy weather this past week which created flood-like circumstances at Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom.

Sometimes attractions close due to unforeseen circumstances. If the ride breaks down and Disney cannot immediately get it back up and running, Guests may be forced to evacuate the ride.

Attraction Closures

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We are seeing several attraction closures at Disney World today, March 11. At Epcot, Frozen Ever After is currently down. Over at Animal Kingdom, Guests cannot board Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Magic Kingdom is the most affected of all the parks right now. Here’s a list of what’s currently down (at time of writing):

  • Astro Orbiter
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Liberty Square Riverboat
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Screenshot: MDE

That’s a grand total of 8 attractions!

Why the closures?

Screenshot: MDE

As you can see, there is a mixture of indoor and outdoor ride closures, but there is no severe weather currently. There is a chance of severe weather this weekend. You can see Joe’s report HERE.

This leads me to think there is some type of electric issue affecting parts of Liberty Square, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland. Of course, I cannot be sure of that but that is my best guess.

Since park hopping isn’t available until 2 pm, your best bet is to stick around Magic Kingdom and find some other attractions that are open. Hopefully the above attractions will reopen soon!

Are you at Magic Kingdom today? What’s your game plan with all these closed attractions? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Well said! We went to Disney Springs a couple of weeks ago, and the bathrooms were disgusting! Took my handicapped mother to Magic Kingdom, no accommodation to speak of. The Magic is gone, and the workers are rude.

  2. I don’t know if Disney is catering to the rich. Not even the rich would put up with this chaos. Even the wealthy are not going to deal with the Genie+ and extra charges for rides that breakdown. No one wants to deal with filthy bathrooms, less food for more money, and rude crowds. Then of course there are the fires!!!
    I think this new board and CEO only care about the immediate bottom line. As long as money, and lots of it, is coming in – who cares what will happen 5 to 10 years down the road? They will pack up their millions and go somwhere else.

  3. We were there on Monday March 7 and we are 90% sure that we got Covid there. I’m laying in bed as we speak and my husband is in the other room with a terrible cough.No one was wearing masks…(including us- we should have known better). .. But we were boosted so we felt pretty safe. We were packed into waiting areas like sardines.
    My husband and I have never gotten Covid, but both of us came down with it as well as our six month old grandchild.

    I have never seen Magic Kingdom so crowded and the line so long. No lines were less than 40 minutes.

    We bought the extra GENIE pass for $15 apiece and that was SUPPOSED To be similar to the old fast Passes. (I think they call it LL or lightning lane now)
    This system was terribly frustrating! We got our First fast pass ride at 10:30 AM and then weren’t able to get another fast pass until 12:45 PM. The next fast pass was available at 4 PM but we were so sick of the whole thing we left by 3 PM.

    Why are they shutting down rides? It’s possible they don’t have enough staff from COVID.

  4. I won’t to Disney Parks any more, it costs a small fortune and for what? Broken down rides? No thanks!! There are other parks not under the Disney umbrella that are much more reliable

  5. I haven’t been In years and never going back because of Disney Greedy. Disney does not care one bit for the park guests. Just give me your cash and leave. Try visiting
    One of our beautiful national parks, way better than worn out Disney ride.

  6. Disney execs and ceo are way too concerned about politics and do not represent the dream that Disney was about. Walt would be rolling in his grave. Pathetic

  7. We have been going to Disney World with our kids, and now our grandkids, for over 30 years. But, We won’t be going back. Everytime we went, popular rides were being shut down, foreign tourist did not follow the same rules and were pushy, prices kept going up, etc. Last time we went was almost four years ago.
    Horrible family experience. My daughters and their families got there a day or two before we did. My oldest daughter and her husband were told their room wasn’t ready after check in time. It was suggested they use one of their park day tickets to go to the park. They didn’t want to do that because we all had the same number of days on tickets. So, they went to Disney Springs and hung out until their room was ready, about 3 hours later. They had planned to just hang out in their room and rest up after a long drive in. Didn’t happen. The next day, same thing with my other daughter and her family. Room wasn’t ready. But, they were able to hang out around the hotel and the kids napped in her room until their room was ready, a few hours later. The third day, we arrived about three hours after check in. Our room wasn’t ready either.
    Luckily, we had three rooms in a row. My daughter with kids room connected with our room. So, we had hang out between their rooms until our room was ready about 7 p.m.
    Next day, we went to the parks. Rides kept shutting down. We had fast passes that had trouble being read, food places were closed, etc.
    Went back to our rooms so the kids could get a nap in, and the rooms still weren’t cleaned. We didn’t mind so much, except the housekeepers cane while the kids were napping and said if they didn’t clean them, the rooms wouldn’t be cleaned that day. They didn’t like it, but, we gathered the dirty towels and dumped then in their carts and gave them the trash. We asked for clean towels and they were reluctant to give them to use. We used our own plastic bags for trash liners.
    Went to the food area to eat a late lunch, place was almost sold out. So, instead of a quick meal, we had to find a place to eat in the park, which took longer with hungry kids.
    The crowds at the park were rude. Teens were allowed to push through lines to join their friends at the front of the lines,(foreign visitors), was fussed at by staff cuz my grandson saw his fav character and I took a pic, from a distance for him. My grandson did not go near the cast member because the line was so long. I took a pic of the character between netting the next in line and was told I couldn’t do that unless I paid. What?
    Things just kept getting worse. After the trip, we all talked about how Unmagical the vacation was. The kids 3 to 10 said they didn’t have a lot of fun with all the restrictions and rides breaking down. They didn’t want to go back.
    The kids asked to go to Universal or another park for the next family vacation.
    And, after seeing the BS Disney is pulling since Covid, we agree with them.
    Disney is no longer the most Magical Place on Earth. It is now The Biggest Rip Off on the Face of the Earth. Catering to only the rich.
    Sorry, Walt. Your dream is as dead as you.

  8. It’s unfair because my girlfriend and I would love to take a trip to Disney World, if my favorite ride, Splash Mountain was still running.

  9. Disney is such a bummer now. We went in 19’. 2 hours for the Jungle Cruise. The Haunted Mansion was down a lot!! They need to only allow so many tickets at a time. No longer the most Magical Place. You can go all day and only ride a few rides because there are too many people. They need to expand or only allow so many tickets to be sold a day.

  10. You think maintenance would have been done and rides checked before a busy week. It’s all about the $$$ with disney now. Not making happy memories. And very expensive.. Not good customer service Disney!!

  11. Disney has a list of priorities, and functional rides is not at the top. #1 is making money. It’s a business. I’d say #2 is safety. They can’t afford the publicity of an animatronic hurting someone or a roller coaster going off tracks with 20-30 people injured or worse. Farther down the list is positive guest happiness and even further down the list is employee happiness.
    The ONLY way I see for change to happen is for people to stop going which directly hits priority #1. But the chances of that happening are low since people want their kids to see the mice, ducks and magical princesses while the kids are young. For the older woman who is demanding that all rides be in operation prepare yourself to be disappointed now before you go. Oh and no amount of complaining will get those rides going again. They will fix it when they have time. Welcome to the most Magical place on earth! Enjoy your stay.

  12. We are seniors who just purchased tickets to the Magic Kingdom for March 25. Basically because of the 50 yr Celebration and we love Disney! I can tell you right now that I will be very disappointed if everything is not up and running as it should be. It nearly costs a fortune just to go!!

  13. Today I was evacuated off the People Mover after quite a long breakdown. All evacuees were given a pass for “any ride we wanted,” however when I tried to use it I was told it couldn’t be used on Mine Train, Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Big Thunder or Splash Mountain. I figured Haunted Mansion would be a good use, but it was down all morning. Overall, it was a disappointing experience. I really miss the old Disney days.

  14. I agree 100%. I’ve been going to Disney since 1972. What a way to celebrate 50 years of magic! What’s your most memorable thought of your trip? Oh, the rides that closed and everything be refurbished. Was there 3 times last year and could not ride all the rides in 3 visits. I feel bad for those who this might be there first and only trip to Disney. Disney is nothing but the money and the comments that come from upper management is terrible. As a DVC member, I have seen the decline in upkeep over the years at some of the resorts. This Disney experience is nothing like the first 40 years.

  15. Paying more money than ever for rides that don’t work, creating a backlog and long lines at other rides. Did they lay off 1/2 of the ride technicians? Are they waiting for a serious accident before they start paying people what they are worth? Are they being cheap in not having the proper people in place? High paying customers want to know.

  16. Oh sure – close rides causing more people to buy LL rides. There is no excuse for closures. Guests pay – Disney should have ALL rides functional. Stop Disney with this BS!!!! Either start paying for better maintenance or GIVE DISCOUNTS for lack of rides!!!

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