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A Disney Executive makes a disturbing comment that some people cannot afford Genie+

A Disney Executive makes a disturbing comment that some people cannot afford Genie+

The comment affirms what many people think of Disney’s recent measures to increase profits while devaluing the Guest experience. See what she had to say here.

Christine McCarthy

Credit: Disney

The Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company is Christine McCarthy. She also serves as Senior Executive Vice President.

According to her bio on the company website, she “oversees the Company’s worldwide finance organization, which includes brand and franchise management, corporate alliances and partnerships, corporate real estate, corporate strategy and business development, enterprise controllership, enterprise technology, financial planning and analysis, global product and labor standards, investor relations, risk management, tax, and treasury.”

Recent Comments

Credit: Monica

You may remember she commented on ways Disney was exploring to cut costs back in November. She stated that they could essentially raise prices while also reducing portion sizes. What really struck a nerve with people was this comment:


-Christine McCarthy

She insulted not only Disney Guests’ weight but also their willingness to pay whatever the cost to visit Disney. Now, she goes on to strike a nerve with another demographic of Disney Guests.

Too poor for Genie+?

Credit: KtP

Yesterday at the Morgan Stanley Tech, Media & Telecom Conference, she commented on the fact that traditional character meets will return “soon”. She also shared that park capacity will likely never return to what it was before the park closure in 2020.

When speaking about Genie+, she was quoted saying that it really improves Guest experience at the parks. “Some people have more money than they have time and others have more time than they have money.”

Some people have more money than they have time and others have more time than they have money.

-Christine McCarthy
Credit: Monica

I think she needs a few lessons on public speaking and etiquette. To me, she basically implies that those who purchase Genie+ and ILLS will have a better experience while people who cannot afford it will not.

It seems Disney is more concerned with increasing profits and getting the most money out of its Guests rather than giving them a better experience. It’s true that Disney is expensive and anyone who an afford to go probably has money. However, many people save up for years for their trips and look to cut costs wherever they can in order to be able to go. Does that mean they deserve to wait in standby lines all day?

What do you think? Are her comments tone deaf? We would love to hear from you! Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Ian Lamble

Thursday 10th of March 2022

You are right Andrew. It doesn’t matter how many Colleges or Degrees you get. You can’t teach compassion, understanding or the values of the legacy that Walt brought. It is very very sad.

Andrew Williams

Wednesday 9th of March 2022

Christine McCarthy,

Maybe instead insulting people about their waistline you should take a class on how to apply makeup. The days of "cake application" went out a long time ago. No, this is not an appropriate comment to make but I am so tired of people thinking they are so much better than others. I wish Walt could return to clean house. You, Miss "High and Mighty" would be gone as well as the rest of the corporate robots who have no clue why Walt came up with his vision. Disney has become nothing more than a company that wants it all. It is no longer about vision, it is about how much profit can be made with as little investment as possible and how big can Disney become.

A person in your esteemed position certainly has a college degree. I have always believed that a college degree is fine. Never-the-less, this does not make you smart nor does it mean you will succeed. It does not define who you really are. You actions do and you MS McCarthy lack the basic principle for success. Common sense.

Walt had a Master of Science from the University of Southern California (USC) and two Masters of Arts degrees from Yale University and Harvard University. So how is it that he had such an understanding of finance that you do not? He made money while investing (well, the banks did) in his dream and took heavy risks believing all the while that it would be something the whole world would enjoy.

After Walt's passing, Roy O. Disney oversaw the building and financing of Walt Disney World. After he died in late 1971, and for the next decade the Company was led by a team including Card Walker, Donn Tatum, and Ron Miller—all originally trained by the Disney brothers. I know things did not work out as well as they had hoped it still was not as bad as what took place after Bob Iger became CEO. Then the next disaster happened as Bob Chapek took his place.

Bob Chapek and Bob Iger more than doubled their salaries in 2021. Chapek earned $32.5 million, while Iger took home $45.9 million. Did you object to this. I mean if you are upset about the food portions Disney was offering then you must have lost your mind over this expense.

What do you make? Let us see.

Christine McCarthy Net Worth; Net worth is estimated to be at least $48.64M Owns at least 169,886 units of Walt Disney Co stock Sold an estimated value of $36.71M in the last 7 years at Walt Disney Co Christine McCarthy Compensation at Walt Disney Co in 2020 Earned a $1,661,815 salary Rewarded $4,712,459 in stock value and options Received a total compensation of $10,997,005

WOW!!! I can see why you want to cut back as much as possible. Heck, how can you afford to live on such a meager income? If you and the other EXTREMELY overpaid execs would take a serious reduction in your stock options and compensations the costs to go to Disney would go back to affordable levels. But that's not what you're about is it.

It is sad to see what Disney has become. The park is dirty, the rides are in need of maintenance and it seems like many of the park employees are not happy. They do not have that glowing personality they used to have. Fights seem to occur far more often. The place is starting to look like nothing more than an overpriced carnival.

If there is one thing I have learned in my 66 plus years in this world it is this. People get what they deserve. Sometimes it is while they are alive and for others, it is when they are gone. In the end we all have to answer to one person.

Hopefully MS McCarthy, this may give you pause to reflect on your actions and maybe convince the others this current direction is wrong. How would you feel if you were Walt and this is what was done to your life long dream.


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

I’ve heard that a survey went out to some with a question about how important is free transportation from the resort to the park. That’s probably the next thing to go.

Meredith T

Wednesday 9th of March 2022

As an out of state AP (& a DisneyTravelAgent), the comments made are very sad to me. I understand that it’s a for profit company, but making a profit and gouging prices are very different. We recently experienced WDW on “the most crowded days since reopening” & I have many opinions on many things…these are just a few. -If I’m going to pay $15/day I want to be guaranteed more than 1 ride of my choosing (also, we noticed posted wait times seemed padded, my guess is to encourage people to pay the extra). -30min early for resort guests sounds nice but in reality it barely gets you in past the crowds (especially at MK, when your funneled to the right of the castle). -CastMembers for the most part are still amazing and want to spread the magic. Unfortunately from many conversations they are now limited due to corporate opinion … no more kitchen sink fun at B&C, no candles, it’s unsafe! -You can enjoy your day and not do everything but I absolutely understand if it’s a “once in a lifetime” trip you want to do it all!! …or feel like you almost can.

I love being able to do Disney with my family. It’s a great time to escape and enjoy time together. We were fortunate enough to enjoy 4 trips this past year, but I don’t think we will get back to pre-closure “magic” anytime soon and certainly not with the view point from the top. I think Walt would want us to continue to enjoy the magic where & when we can, but he would be sad & would miss “home”!

Thank you KTP & crew for always sharing & listening!!


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

We have canceled our out of state annual pass and canceled our next trip, when I am on vacation I do not want to spend the day looking at a phone. The Disney executives see a business when they look at the parks, they are not concerned with a happy experience but dollars per customer. They should never use the word guest when talking about the person inside their money pit.

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